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Daryl Laws changes lives. Daryl motivates, lifts, and nurtures you to a level of fitness, strength, and performance that shatters your self-imposed limits. Simply put, Daryl cares about people and believes in the human spirit. This care and belief allows him to reach inside of you, bring out your best, and make it even better. This is where knowledge, experience, and faith combine to produce results.


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Exercises to Improve Golf Swing...

Exercises to Improve Golf Swing... Question: My son wants to improve his golf game by lifting weights and he needs to add muscle to his frame. Should he take a weight gain product as well? Since he sometimes does not eat breakfast could he have one of those instead? Answer: Improving core strength is a must [more]

What is More Important Sleep or Training?

What is More Important Sleep or Training? Question: What is more important sleep or training? I usually get five to six and a half hours of sleep a night. It's hard to get more than that with practice and homework. Answer: Both training and sleep ( recuperation), each stand as one of the five pillars of a healthy [more]

Do Not Drop Deadlifts from Your Training

Do Not Drop Deadlifts from Your Training Question: I recently dropped deadlifts from my training routine because I strained my back while doing them a few weeks ago. When I played high school ball we didn't do deads but did cleans instead. Should I just do cleans or go back to doing deads? Answer: Some coaches even at [more]

Should Athletes Train at all During the season

Should Athletes Train at all During the season Question: Should my son be training at all during the season? Both he and I have noticed that he is not as strong as at the beginning of the year. He has weight training at school but I don't see much change. Answer: I spoke with Jamal Brooks who spent seven [more]

Consistency, Intensity and Discipline Pay Off in Weight Loss

Consistency, Intensity and Discipline Pay Off in Weight Loss Question: I seem to have hit a long term plateau. My job has me getting in late and subsequently eating late. What should I do now to get leaner? Answer: If you have lost ground and have hit the doldrums then you need to reintroduce yourself to the goals you set. [more]

Finding and Keeping Motivation

Finding and Keeping Motivation Question: There is no motivation left in me to go to train, or run, or really feel like doing much anymore. Work is a grind, our kids are grown, and I feel like taking it easy. At the same time I don't want to slide down the slippery slope and [more]

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