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Daryl Laws changes lives. Daryl motivates, lifts, and nurtures you to a level of fitness, strength, and performance that shatters your self-imposed limits. Simply put, Daryl cares about people and believes in the human spirit. This care and belief allows him to reach inside of you, bring out your best, and make it even better. This is where knowledge, experience, and faith combine to produce results.


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Glute Workout Safe for Lower Back Pain

Glute Workout Safe for Lower Back Pain Question: I have lower back issues and squats always aggravate it. I can do wall sits without making it worse but that doesn't help me as much in strengthening glutes or hams. The doctor has cleared me to continue working out. What exercises do you think I can add without [more]

Snow Day Workout

Snow Day Workout Question: I was snowed in like everyone else and couldn't get to the gym for a couple of days. What are some things I can to to exercise when I can't do my regular training? Answer: Take advantage of the snow. Bundle up and get out there. Waking through ice and snow [more]

Reaching Your Potential Requires Learning from Defeats

Reaching Your Potential Requires Learning from Defeats Question: My son has been evaluated by a training company and they estimated that he could end up being 6' 5". He currently is 6'2" and 220 pounds and fifteen years old. Should he train a couple of days a week in addition to what they have him doing at [more]

Tire Flipping Workout Creates Explosiveness...

Tire Flipping Workout Creates Explosiveness... Question: What makes tire workouts so effective? I did a tire workout last week and it nearly beat me, but other than just exhausting me, how is flipping or rolling a tire going to help me in football? Answer: It depends on the size of the tire, and the tire size [more]

Getting in Shape for 2016

Getting in Shape for 2016 Question: I need a simple plan to get started working out this year. What should I do to improve my fitness and lose weight? Answer: There are four pillars of a solid fitness plan beginning with drinking water. Have coffee, milk or whatever beverage you prefer in the morning, as long [more]

Key to Keeping the Weight Off This Time...

Key to Keeping the Weight Off This Time... Question: My New Year's resolution is like a lot of others. I need to lose weight and this time keep it off. I lost 25 pounds this year but added it back on as my old habits emerged. How can I do this and make it stick? Answer: Obviously, you did [more]

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