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Daryl Laws changes lives. Daryl motivates, lifts, and nurtures you to a level of fitness, strength, and performance that shatters your self-imposed limits. Simply put, Daryl cares about people and believes in the human spirit. This care and belief allows him to reach inside of you, bring out your best, and make it even better. This is where knowledge, experience, and faith combine to produce results.


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Proper Form for Jump Squats

Question: My volleyball coach recommended that I do squats and jump with the bar on my back at the end of each rep. It bothers my back. What else can I do to improve my vertical? Answer: Doing jump squats with weight on your back tends to bother most people either [more]

Balancing Quads and Hamstrings

Question: I've read your articles and saw the statement " fronts are for show, backs are for go". What exactly does that mean in terms of training and performance in athletics? I do squats, front squats and leg curls with our team and we do some stiff leg dead lifts [more]

Most Effective Cardio

Most Effective Cardio Question: What is the most effective method of doing cardio? I hear conflicting reports about how high intensity is better and those who say the lower intensity burns more fat. Which way should I go to get the best results? Answer: The high intensity cardio elevates your heart rate to very [more]

Working Out While in Ankle Cast

Working Out While in Ankle Cast Question: I fell and have a serious ankle sprain. The doctor put me in a soft cast to protect the ankle while I heal. What can I do in the gym to stay in shape and perhaps prevent total atrophy? Answer: Don't do anything that goes against your doctor's advice. You [more]

Proper Form for Deep Rock Bottom Squats

Proper Form for Deep Rock Bottom Squats Question: Our coach has us doing squats so deep that our hamstrings sit on our calves and that makes my lower back and knees sore. The reasoning is that that we have to go deep to be effective. Is that the best way to do squats? Answer: We call those "rock [more]

Avoiding 3 Common Gym Mistakes

Avoiding 3 Common Gym Mistakes With the new year now here, New Year's resolutions have been made and the gyms will be filled with eager patrons ready to lose weight, build muscle and improve their overall health. Here are three of the most common errors made by these new gym patrons which cause them to [more]

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