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Daryl Laws changes lives. Daryl motivates, lifts, and nurtures you to a level of fitness, strength, and performance that shatters your self-imposed limits. Simply put, Daryl cares about people and believes in the human spirit. This care and belief allows him to reach inside of you, bring out your best, and make it even better. This is where knowledge, experience, and faith combine to produce results.


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Fighting Back Against Painful Muscle Knots

Fighting Back Against Painful Muscle Knots Question: I get painful muscle knots in my legs and sometimes shoulders. These are painful and annoying. What is the best way to get rid of them and is there a way to prevent them? Answer: Those muscle knots are called myofacial trigger points. The general pattern they follow is up [more]

Tips for Increasing Bench Press

Tips for Increasing Bench Press Question: Hey Daryl quick question. I've been going to the gym for about 4 months now and I feel like one the bench press I've hit a plateau and can't get it up. All of my other chest and tricep workouts are increasing just not bench press. Any advice? Answer: While [more]

Unconventional Explosive Football Leg Training

Unconventional Explosive Football Leg Training Question: I am looking for a way to condition my legs for football other than just doing more reps on conventional exercises. Any suggestions? Answer: If you're looking for an unconventional training routine this one should fit perfectly. It combines unilateral explosiveness and muscle endurance. Muscle endurance is the ability to [more]

Productive Inside Walking

Productive Inside Walking Question: Allergy season is here and I have to shift my walks from outdoors to indoors for a while. I really have a difficult time doing the cardio I need to do unless it's outside. I am considering using the mall to get my walking done or as a last [more]

Exercsies After Shoulder Injury

Exercsies After Shoulder Injury Question: I recently completed rehab on my shoulder when I injured it in a fall. Nothing was torn, just a partial dislocation and general inflammation of the AC joint. I have returned to working out and can do most of the exercises I used to do with the exception of [more]

How to Add Muscle Mass for Athletes

How to Add Muscle Mass for Athletes Question: Which method of training is better to build muscle mass? Does heavy weight and less reps work better or less weight and more reps? I need to get bigger for basketball. I've gotten taller and skinnier in the last year. Answer: The fact that you're growing upwards is a great [more]

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