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Personal Training and Sports Performance Excellence

At 16 years old and 126 pounds Daryl Laws began weight training. Four years and 100 pounds later he was winning multiple teenage and open bodybuilding titles. His success caught the attention of his peers and he was invited to train in Atlanta with Lee Haney, the multiple Mr. Olympia winner, the best bodybuilder on the planet. That partnership lasted for 2 years and introduced him to the real side of training with a host of top ranked professional and amateur bodybuilders. While managing Lee Haney’s Animal Kingdom, Daryl regularly trained individuals passing on knowledge he learned from bodybuilding’s best to help young competitors and those just wanting to get in shape. Another good friend and national winner, Darryl Stafford, invited him to move from Animal Kingdom to an uptown facility to do training for pay. Daryl and Darryl were two of the first personal trainers in Atlanta in the early 1980’s.

By continuing to learn from those in other fields and focusing on sports conditioning with national champion track and field athletes, Daryl expanded his knowledge of human performance and the psychology of training. For the last ten years he has owned Body Unlimited which specializes in personal training and sports performance excellence. His weekly fitness column in the Times-News has been a popular feature in their health section and he regularly writes for other publications both in print and on-line. He trains a variety of middle school, high school and college athletes in a variety of sports including football, track, basketball, tennis, soccer, baseball, softball, gymnastics conditioning and lacrosse.

He feels knowledge is power and teaches the all his clients why water, (hydration), the 80/20 rule for healthy eating, weight training and cardio conditioning are the four necessary blocks for any successful training program. With the young people he teaches the impact of self-discipline, concentration, optimism and enjoyment are vital for success in sports and in all aspects of life.

Daryl Laws is a certified personal trainer and owner of:
Body Unlimited, Inc.


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