Getting a “Vice Grip” Grip!


Strong Grip
Question: I watched “American Ninja Warrior” and those people have amazing grip strength. How can I develop grip like that?

Answer: Having a strong grip is certainly important for competing on that show but it is equally important for sports, such as, baseball, especially pitching, tennis and golf.

Richard Sorin, owner of Sorinex training equipment has a complete line of gripping equipment and he personally is one of the few people able to close his “captains of crush” 300 pound gripper. It requires 300 pounds of pressure to close the most difficult one.

Other simple exercises like forearm curls behind the back can make a huge difference:

  • Use a straight barbell and start with perhaps 10 to 15 pounds on each side.
    • Grip the bar behind your back and curl your wrist up towards your elbow.
    • Complete three sets of fifteen reps.
  • Alternate the wrist curls with reverse grip barbell curls.
    • Grip the curl bar with your hands on top of the bar with your thumb beside your index finger not under the bar.. Gripping it tightly, curl it up as you would a regular barbell curl except your hands are on the top of the bar instead of beneath it.
    • Do three sets of ten reps.
  • You can make it even more effective using “fat grips” which make it more difficult to hold and requires you to use your grip entirely.
  • Bruce Lee possessed one of the strongest grips around. He did a unique rotational exercise with with a bar which had the weight on one end. Watch the video below to see how it’s done!
  • Also stretch your forearms after you work them.

God bless and keep training,