Glute Workout Safe for Lower Back Pain


Lower Back Pain Workout
Question: I have lower back issues and squats always aggravate it. I can do wall sits without making it worse but that doesn’t help me as much in strengthening glutes or hams. The doctor has cleared me to continue working out. What exercises do you think I can add without hurting my back?

Answer: Since wall sits work for you, but loading a bar on your back or doing front squats causes issues, use a large resistance ball and do ball squats with the ball supporting your back against the wall as you squat. Begin with just body weight to establish the movement patterns and graduate to holding dumbbells while you squat.

Another option, if you have access to a dip belt or hip squat belt is to use two benches, or preferably two platforms to stand on while you squat. The added height allows you to add weight to the belt without the weights banging on the floor interrupting your range of motion. Using the hip belt will load the resistance from your hips down instead of loading down your spine through your entire torso.

Some people can use the leg press but you would need to experiment to determine if the leg press is a viable option. Use zero weight the first time and find where you can set up with the least resistance in your back. If you can find a safe position and range of motion take baby steps adding the weight and use methodical rep speed instead of being explosive. The slower reps load the muscles without as much joint and connective tissue stress.

Be experimental with your training but always be safe.

God bless and keep training,