Proper Form for Deep Rock Bottom Squats

Question: Our coach has us doing squats so deep that our hamstrings sit on our calves and that makes my lower back and knees sore. The reasoning is that that we have to go deep to be effective. Is that the best way to do squats? Answer: We call those “rock bottom” squats and some […]

Avoiding 3 Common Gym Mistakes

With the new year now here, New Year’s resolutions have been made and the gyms will be filled with eager patrons ready to lose weight, build muscle and improve their overall health. Here are three of the most common errors made by these new gym patrons which cause them to fail in their attempts and […]

Gaining Weight for College Ball

Question: I need to gain weight for football. I have several D1 teams who are interested but want me heavier. I don’t want to just get heavier without gaining muscle. What is the best way to put on good weight? Answer: Congratulations on having multiple options for continuing your career into collegiate ball. First, don’t […]

How to Coach the Participation Trophy Generation

Question: I’m a first year coach and am getting completely frustrated with the attitudes I get from my players. They work hard in practice. In games they nod and say, ” Ok coach, we got it.” Then they go and do something completely different. They concede games before they start and if it’s close they […]

Rely On Preparation not Energy Drinks

Question: I’m training four days a week and wondered if there was a good energy drink or pre-workout drink I should use when I don’t feel up to a workout. Also, what’s more important, water or Gatorade when working out? Answer: Pre-workout and energy drinks supply a big boost of caffeine and sugar, at best, […]

Stiff Leg or Russian Dead Lifts Proper Form

Question: Stiff leg deads hurt my back because our coach wants our hands to touch the floor. Coach said that’s how a friend of his that coaches at an SEC school says to do them. What muscles are they supposed to be working? Answer: Stiff leg deads, also known as Romanian, Russian or Bulgarian deadlifts, […]

Triceps Exercises After Elbow Surgery

Question: I had surgery on my elbow a yer ago and it had healed nicely. Rehab went well but I still can’t do any tricep exercises like triceps Pressdowns. Do you know of any exercises that may not hurt across my elbow when I do them? Answer: The first potential exercise that comes to mind […]

Improve Your Vertical with this Explosive Workout

Question: I didn’t make the basketball team this year. I know what I need to work on: more vertical and more speed. What are some exercises I can do to improve my vertical? Answer: We trained a high school basketball player over the past eight weeks during which his vertical improved four inches. The key […]

Eat Your Greens – That’s an Order!

Question: I don’t like green foods. I couldn’t say it’s the color or the texture or why but I just don’t want to eat them. What is so important about vegetables that you should eat them every day? Answer: Not only should you eat green food every day you probably should find some way to […]

Nuts – The Nutritional Pluses and Minuses

Queston: I like to eat nuts but probably eat too many of them. How much should I eat and which nuts are the best to eat. Should I eat them roasted or raw? Answer: Nuts are a great snack but they are a calorie dense food. While they offer good nutrition for the calories they […]