Are Training Masks Useful?


Question: I wanted to know if those training masks that restrict oxygen flow were useful. I’ve seen that Marshawn Lynch uses one and wondered how they worked. Answer: The idea of the mask is to restrict the airflow in a manner similar to what one would experience if training were occurring at a high altitude […]

Maximizing Training Results Requires Vision and Planning

Daryl Laws Lunges

Question: I tried your leg training routine last week and I couldn’t walk well for a week. Should I change my workout every week to maintain variety to keep shocking my muscles? Answer: Changing your training for the sake of variety isn’t enough. While it does help and makes sense on the surface, simple exercise […]

Get Better Legs with Gnarly Leg Routine

Daryl Laws Squat

Question: I am looking for a nasty leg routine to compliment my heavy style of training. You’ve written previously for consistent growth to alternate “density/heavy” training and volume training. Does the mean decreasing the weight and just doing more reps? I just want better legs. Answer: Typically with our training systems we use both density […]

College Cardio Calorie Workout…

Daryl Laws Cardio Body Fat

Question: I ran cross country in high school and was on a summer swim team. Doing those and lifting weights Helped me get my bodyfat under ten percent. Now I’m only lifting since I’m getting ready to go to college. Should I add some running back into my workouts or should I adjust calories? Answer: […]

Making Your Workouts Consistently Productive

Time cube

Question: Why is it that some days I train so hard that I don’t realize where the time goes and other days after five minutes I’m ready to leave and realize I have 55 more minutes? How can I get more consistent good training days? Answer: Your training time is after work. While it is […]

Time Challenged Running Workout…


Question: I have run a couple of marathons but I have a new job and simply don’t have the time to take long runs anymore. I usually have twenty to forty minutes three to four days a week. When I run now it’s just not productive physically or mentally. What would be the best use […]

How to Improve Baseball Performance (as well as Other Sports)

Daryl Laws Baseball

Question: Baseball is done for the season but I was disappointed with how this season went for me. I feel like I can do a lot better. To be better next season I need to get stronger. What’s the best routine for that? Answer: Your question is general in nature but it requires an answer […]

Increase Bench Press Reps

Daryl Laws Increase Bench Press Reps

Question: I have summer football combines in June and one of the events I have trouble doing well is the bench press for reps. I do 300 pounds for a one rep max but don’t do well for reps. I heard you helped the player at the Shrine Bowl combine who did 40 reps. What […]

Key to Losing Weight for Knee Replacement Surgery

Loose Weight

Question: I have to lose 100 pounds in order to be able to have a knee replacement. What can I do for cardio and what can I do for weight training to get the weight off? Answer: If you are a candidate for a knee replacement then there are several exercises that you need to […]

The Most Challenging Thing for a Personal Trainer?


Question: I have considered becoming a personal trainer. What is the most challenging part of being a trainer? Answer: For what we do it’s the psychology. It’s the ability of finding the keys to the personality of the individual you’re training. If you can get in their heads and convince them that they can reach […]