Intense Density Routine to Build Stronger Legs

Question: I’m trying to build larger legs because right now I look like I walk around on stilts. My upper body is pretty good but my legs just don’t seem to grow. What routines could I do to build larger, stronger legs? Answer: Leg training requires working large muscles and large, strong muscle groups. Considering […]

Teenage Sports Burnout

Question: My daughter will be in the 10th grade this year and has said that she might like to have the summer off from soccer. She played on her high school team and plays on a travel team as well. While we encourage her to play we don’t force her. If she isn’t playing what […]

Tips for Keeping Muscle Mass as We Age

Question: As a guys in his early 50’s, I keep losing muscle mass or feel like I am. What should I do to regain it? Should I consider testosterone boosters in addition to my workouts? Answer: Maintaining muscle mass as we age can be a significant problem for both men and women. Continuing to train […]

Pre-Puberty Weight Training

Question: My nine year old daughter wants to workout like her brothers and sisters who are older. She plays volleyball, soccer and softball. Should she workout with weights yet? Answer: She is involved in three sports already which helps her to be well rounded with the basics of movement and by playing those sports she […]

You Need an Off-Season to Reach Potential

Question: My season has ended but I don’t want to shut down my training. I enjoy the workouts and like the shape I’m in but I am constantly told to take a break. How important are breaks and how long should I break from training? Answer: Every sport has a season and an off-season. Over […]

Working Out on the Road

Question: My job has me traveling to another office for the next few weeks. I usually workout at lunch and had a pretty stable schedule to stay in shape. Now my whole fitness routine is shot. I get home too late and am worn out by the changes we are making at my job to […]

Healthy Eating and Exercise are Necessary for Weight Loss

Question: I recently read an article that stated that exercise didn’t help with losing weight and that dieting only would do the job. Can you explain how that is true? Answer: First thing: you can’t out train a bad diet. We’ve been preaching that for years. The article didn’t explain in detail the research but […]

Does My Son Need Prework Drinks and Protein After Workout?

Question: My high school age son uses a preworkout drink before training and protein every day after he works out. Is that safe for him to use? Also he trains every day for 90 minutes. Is that excessive? Answer: Your son is highly motivated to train daily at home. Training for 90 minutes is a […]

How do we teach “heart”?

Question: As a new assistant coach at a high school I see the current generation of high school athletes. You have been training athletes for decades now. How do we teach these kids “heart”? Answer: The first step is to define “heart”. It is the innate drive and determination to never quit, never back down […]

How Not to Get Lost Training in a Big Box Gym

Question: I workout in a “big box gym” and have found myself overwhelmed by so many different pieces of equipment and training opinions. My progress has stalled from the distractions and I need a way to get focused. What can I change to get back on track? Answer: The benefits of larger training/fitness centers include […]