Should I Use a Weight Gain Supplement?

Question: I am trying to gain weight and plan to order a weight gain supplement. Is there a particular one that is better? Should I just try to eat more? Answer: Weight gain supplements are fine as long as they are used supplement to your meals. Too often they are consumed in place of a […]

Softball Workout for Late Twenties

Question: I would like to get back in shape for softball. I’m in my late 20’s and haven’t trained much since high school. What should I do to get back to being able to throw one from centerfield to home plate again? Answer: One good thing is you’re not in your late thirties and asking […]

Lacrosse Training and Workout

Question: I am training for lacrosse season which is still three months away. How much should I be running? I ran cross country to try to stay in shape and improve my conditioning but now that’s over. Answer: Lacrosse, like soccer, requires non-stop running. Lacrosse also requires a strong core to ward off defenders and […]

When to Return to Training After Shoulder Surgery

Question: I am in the final two weeks of rehab on my shoulder after having surgery. Should I return to normal training except for shoulders? Answer: That’s a question that is answered better by your PT. Give that person a call before you try to do anything with your previously injured shoulder. You can train […]

What Should I Eat Before Working Out?

Question: What should you eat before working out? I have tried everything and still end up feeling bad before I finish. Answer: The best answer is what should you not eat before working out. We have clients who have tried a variety of foods before training and concluded that no food within a couple of […]

Best Workout Rep Count? Make Each Rep Count!

Question: What is the best way to train: higher reps, 10,12 or 15 or lower reps like the 6 to 8 range? I am just trying to just get in better shape. Answer: We use a combination system of rep ranges to maximize muscle growth if that’s your end goal. If simply ” getting in […]

Exercises for a Firm Backside

Question: What is the best exercise for building a firmer backside? I’ve been doing squats and lunges but it just doesn’t seem to be enough. Answer: Those are two of the best exercises you can do to develop a tighter backside if they are performed correctly. To engage your glutes you need to drop the […]

Workout for Flabby Arms…

Question: I have lost about 40 pounds but I need to tighten up the back of my arms. Also, I still need to lose weight around my stomach. What exercises will work those two areas? Answer: Wow! You’re doing a great job so keep it up. One of the unfortunate aspects of weight loss is […]

Training with a Broken Arm

Question: I play volleyball and broke my arm this past weekend. In a couple of days, once the swelling reduces I’ll get a cast from my below my elbow down. Is it possible to train other body parts without adversely affected my arm or should I take a layoff until I’m out of the cast? […]

How to Loose 20 to 30 Pounds the Right Way…

Question: I need to lose 20 to 30 pounds but I try repeatedly and fail repeatedly. I need to prepare meals in advance but it just seems like I don’t have the time with demands of my job and family. I’m overwhelmed and desperate. How do I start? Answer: One bite at a time is […]