Baseball Off-Season Workout

Question: I play baseball and have only a few more weeks of fall ball before our off season. I wanted to know what exercises you thought were the more productive for improving throwing speed and bat speed? Answer: Randy Hadley, a good friend and amazing trainer in Orlando, who’s client list includes MLB players and […]

Building a Better, Stronger Back

Question: I’m looking for a killer back routine to add to my training. What are some cool exercises I can do to build a better back? Answer: Interesting question. To build a better back, first look at the muscle groups that compose the back from a bodybuilding viewpoint. You have the lats, spinal erectors, teres […]

Time Management for Workouts

Question: I’m spending way too much time in the gym and haven’t been able to complete my workouts. By too much, I mean over two hours. Do you have a shorter routine that won’t take as long to complete and is effective? I’m usually do five different exercises per large body part with three to […]

You Don’t Achieve Goals Overnight, but with Determination

Question: I need to get bigger, stronger and faster as soon as possible to be ready for the upcoming basketball season. I’m trying to make the varsity team as a freshman but know I need to make changes. How many days a week do I need to train? Answer: It’s not an overnight process. It […]

IT Band Workout to Correct Imbalance

Question: I’m having problems with what my doctor says is my IT band. He has outlined a regimen to deal with the inflammation and physical therapy for it but I haven’t seen any remarkable changes. I remembered an article you wrote about IT band work and why it was important but I need more direction […]

Mid-Age Workout Tips

  Question: I am turning 50 in a few weeks and am beginning to feel some of my age especially after I workout. Are there any tips you can provide about how to modify my workouts to keep my joints from feeling worse after training? Answer: Knees, shoulders and elbows can often flare up, ache […]

Cupping Alternative Medicine

Question: I’ve seen the purple circular bruises on Michael Phelps and other athletes at the Rio Olympics. The commentators have talked about them but I still don’t understand how the suction cups improve recovery. Can you elaborate? Answer: Cupping, which has been around for centuries, requires special cups that either use a pump or a […]

Intense Density Routine to Build Stronger Legs

Question: I’m trying to build larger legs because right now I look like I walk around on stilts. My upper body is pretty good but my legs just don’t seem to grow. What routines could I do to build larger, stronger legs? Answer: Leg training requires working large muscles and large, strong muscle groups. Considering […]

What to do After You Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

Question: I set a goal of losing 100 pounds nearly a year ago and have reached it. The real difficulty for me was exercising as often as I should but I had a plan and stuck to it. Now that I’m where I wanted to be I don’t know what to do. How should I […]

Quick and Healthy Meals

Question: I’m heading back to college but I’m moving into an apartment. That means I have to cook which I don’t know how to do. Do you have any healthy recipes or tips for eating healthy? Answer: Everyone needs to learn to cook and then have the self-discipline to do it more often instead of […]