Success is a Matter of Goal Setting and Not Stopping

Daryl Laws Body Unlimited Keep Moving

Question: I read your previous articles the past two weeks about surrounding yourself with positive people and mentally preparing yourself for success. I need specific help with goal setting. Should I set very high goals that I may or may not reach or something more attainable? Answer: Always reach for the impossible. Impossible only means […]

Overcoming Failure and Targeting Success

Question: This season was difficult and I just don’t know if I have the ability I once did to keep winning. I made some changes in my life during the past year and I have begun to wonder if I really have the necessary talent to make it where I want to go. How can […]

Weight Loss – You Have to Want it Enough to Change Your Life…

Question: I just have not been committed to the weight loss plan I made as a New Year’s resolution. How can I stay on track when it seems everyone around me isn’t ? Answer: The short answer is change the people you’re around. It’s true that spending time with people who are overweight, or drink, […]

Off Season Football Training and Goals

Question: I want to be the best I can be. I am willing to train seven days a week if necessary to get there. How many days a week do you recommend for getting ready for football in August? Answer: Seven days is going to be a bit much for a young high school student. […]

Fitting Workout Time into a Busy Schedule

Make Time to Workout

Question: I know I need to workout but I can’t find the time in my schedule. I am making a New Year’s Resolution to start exercising and be healthier. Are there quick 10 minute workouts that I can do in place of a regular forty to sixty minute workout? Answer: Yes there are some “quickie” […]

Weight Workout for Swimming

Weight Workout for Swimming

Question: Is there a weight workout that is helpful for swimming? Answer: Weight training is beneficial for swimming but the idea is not to train exclusively heavy to get stronger. You need a variety of rep systems to improve muscle strength, muscle endurance and always work on flexibility. Core work is essential with an exercise […]

Getting More Defined Arms and Shoulders

Daryl Laws Getting Ripped

Question: I want to be more defined in my arms and shoulders. What is the best way to do that without losing a lot of weight? I need to maintain my weight for football but I want to look better as well. Answer: Getting defined, or ripped, is predominantly a weight loss, body fat loss […]

Do Not Change Routine Simply for the Sake of Change

Question: I keep reading that variety is important in training. Does that mean you have to use different exercises every time you work a body part? Answer: Variety certainly is the spice in training. You should use only a little spice to flavor a dish or meal because using too much just makes you taste […]

Adding Size After Football Season

Adding Size After Football Season

Question: I want to add size now that football is over. My goal is to build ten to fifteen pounds of muscle by August of next year. I have weightlifting at school and wondered if it is going to be too much if I train after school as well because at school we really don’t […]

How to Treat Tennis Elbow

Question: What can I do to treat tennis elbow? It has gotten to the point it’s difficult to shake hands and destroyed my golf game. Answer: That sounds severe. First, go see an orthopedist and let the medical professional determine if you need a prescription strength anti-inflammatory as a front line treatment. If prescription strength […]