Grow Bigger with Heavy, Deep-Bone Muscle Activation

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Question: I would like stronger, larger pecs. I usually do a warmup set of ten reps with 60 pound dumbbells. Then I do 70 pounders to failure which is about 15 reps. Between sets I do a set of abs. Next, I use 80′s for 8 to 12 reps which is failure. Finally I use […]

Hydration for Athletes Starts 2 Days Before Event!

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Question: My son runs track in the one-mile and two-mile events. After practice, should he drink a recovery drink? Should he drink one of those pre-workout drinks? How much water should he drink on race day? Answer: Let’s address water first. Hydration is an ongoing process. It’s not something that you can do on race […]

What Supplements Do I Need to Get Bigger as a Teenager?

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Question: I need to know what supplements I need to use to get bigger. I used to be fat but I cleaned up what I eat and started running. Now I want bigger muscles so I’m working out. I used to take a pre-workout, a during workout drink and a post workout recovery shake but […]

Chandler Weger Pulling 405 Deadlifts

Basketball Training Program for High School

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Question: I played high school basketball and decided not to play AAU ball right now because I have been told by coaches that I need more strength and explosiveness. I workout at school in weightlifting class and our coaches keep telling me that the workout we do is all I need to be doing. I […]

High School Weight Training vs. Training at a Gym

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Question: My son is a tenth grader who played varsity at his high school this year. I was going to take him to a trainer to help him be his best for next season but his coach prefers that the players use the school program exclusively. Can a school workout prepare a player to realize […]

Zombieland – Rule #1 is Cardio!

Zombie Workout

“Zombieland” who would have thought a horror/comedy would have poignant fitness information? In the opening sequence “Columbus” is explaining his rules for survival and Rule#1 is Cardio. It seems like such a simple thing but as he explains after the epidemic “The fatties were the first to go.” In any apocalyptic event the rules revert […]

How Young is Too Young to Start Training?

Question:  As I read more about how our children are going to live a shorter lifespan due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise I wanted to be proactive with my kids. How young can they start exercising? Answer: Exercise should start as soon as possible but we called it playing when we were children. […]

Higher Reps or Heavier Weights for Women in 50s Workout?

Question: I have been working out for a while now. As a woman in my 50′s, I wanted to know whether doing lighter weight and higher reps was better or heavier weight and fewer reps? Answer: Although the typical response is lighter weight and higher reps the most effective method is a combination of the […]

Do Cheat Days Work when Dieting?


Question: I recently heard on the radio that eating a cheat meal once a week would help me to lose weight. How is that possible? Answer: For at least 20 years we have been informing clients that taking a cheat meal every seven to nine days makes a difference when you’re maintaining a disciplined diet […]