Water vs. Soft Drinks for Hydration

Question: I read a study not too long ago that determined soft drinks were as good as water for maintaining hydration. I don’t like the taste of water all that much so could I just drink Gatorade and soft drinks to stay hydrated? Answer: Sure, if you believe that study and before you say the […]

Recovering and Preventing ACL Injuries

painful knee illustration

Question: My daughter has torn her ACL and will soon complete her rehab. Are there exercises that are beneficial and may make her knee stronger so she does not have a repeat injury? Answer: The Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise in the May 2014 issue recognized that neuromuscular exercises were effective in reducing ACL […]

Drinking Enough Water – Avoid Cramps

Question: The coaches keep telling us we need to drink more water and Gatorade. I understand all that but what happens if you don’t other than catching a cramp? Answer: Catching a cramp is pretty painful and entirely preventable by simply drinking water. To add insult to injury if the the cramp is in your […]

Goals are Achieved with Patience

Question: If you had one piece of advice for people working out what would it be? Answer: Patience. Whether you are a forty year old struggling to lose weight or a sixteen year old kid pushing to get bigger, stronger and faster, be patient. Being patient does not mean waiting for things to happen. Patience […]

Baseball – Training for Longer Hit Distance…

Baseball training for longer hit

Question: I am in the 11th grade and played baseball for my high school. Then I played on a 16U team and now could play fall ball but there are things I know I need to do to be a better player. I make consistent contact with the ball but don’t get much distance. I […]

Avoiding the “Freshmen 15″

Young Student With Books At School

Question: As I prepare to go away to school I am concerned about the ” freshmen 15″ that so many of my friends came back carrying after they went to school. Any advice to avoid that? Answer: As young men and women leave their homes and venture into various schools to further their education they […]

How to Run Faster


Question: I need to be able to run 1.5 miles for my PT test and I just have not been able to meet the time requirements. I run 2 to 3 days a week for about 30 minutes each day. Is there a better way to prepare for this? Answer: You’ve confused being able to […]

Can I Loose Weight with Meal Replacement Drinks and Playing Basketball?


Question: I play basketball and need to loose weight. You would think I could lose weight with all the running but that hasn’t happened. My mom has decided for us to try a weight loss plan that uses a meal replacement drink for two meals and you actually eat food for one meal. What is […]

Getting More Shoulder Mobility for Tennis

Tennis Shoulder Mobility

Question: I need more shoulder mobility when I play tennis. It takes forever to get my joints loose and ” get the rust off”. Playing does it but it takes so long to reach that point that I would like a better routine to warm up. Do you have any suggestions? Answer: The “shoulder trifecta” […]

Beach Body in One Month


Question: I am going to the beach in a month and I need to drop a few pounds. How much could I lose in that time? What do I need to do to get it off as quickly as possible? Answer: Getting fat off is simpler than most people make it out to be, but […]