Getting More Shoulder Mobility for Tennis

Tennis Shoulder Mobility

Question: I need more shoulder mobility when I play tennis. It takes forever to get my joints loose and ” get the rust off”. Playing does it but it takes so long to reach that point that I would like a better routine to warm up. Do you have any suggestions? Answer: The “shoulder trifecta” […]

Beach Body in One Month


Question: I am going to the beach in a month and I need to drop a few pounds. How much could I lose in that time? What do I need to do to get it off as quickly as possible? Answer: Getting fat off is simpler than most people make it out to be, but […]

Workout for Marathon Runners

Question: I am getting ready to run a marathon and read in a running magazine that I should be lifting weights as well. The article didn’t provide any guidelines and I don’t know what exercises I need to be doing or how often. Can you advise? Answer: It’s often surprising to runners that they need […]

Abdominal Core Trifecta

Question: I would like to strengthen my core. I typically do sit-ups for three sets of 20 which hit my upper abs. What are some other good core/ab exercises? Answer: Your abs are actually one long sheath of muscle with no distinctive differentiation between upper and lower abs. However, some exercises do seem to affect […]

Returning to Practice After a Concussion

Question: My son recently suffered a concussion at practice. The doctor’s have cleared him to return to practice and training in the gym. Should he be able to go back at it close to full speed or should we begin with light training and step up over time? Answer: A concussion requires a gentle return […]

Speed Training for Soccer

Question: I need to get faster and need to be able to run for longer periods of time to be ready for my senior soccer season. What would be the best way to do those two things? Answer: Soccer can be deceptive because the sport does require a great deal of endurance and requires explosive […]

Tight-End Speed and Performance

Question: I have been blessed to have a couple of college offers to play football as I enter my senior year. I currently play tight-end but one of the schools is considering me for O-line because of my size and potential for more size. If I decided I would prefer to play tight-end what would […]

Being Smart About Carbs and Weight Loss

Question: I cut my carbs in an attempt to lose weight before the summer. I lost 5 pounds last week but I can’t get a pump when I train. Is that because I cut carbs? Answer: Cutting carbs to lose weight is common but consider what weight you lost. A low percentage of it is […]

Dangers of the Barbell Snatch

Question: A trainer from a gym recently came, as they regularly do, to our weight lifting class, and was teaching the classes how to do the Barbell Snatch. My shoulders have been sore ever since. I play football and baseball and just wonder if that is an exercise we need to do? Answer: The barbell […]

Making Seated Shoulder Presses and Rear PullDowns Safe

Question: I recently read an article online about exercises that you shouldn’t do or that are useless. Two in particular were Seated Shoulder Presses and Rear Pulldowns. I have used them and still do shoulder presses regularly. Should I stop? Answer: Do those exercises irritate your joints or have they caused you injury? If not […]