Increase Real World Endurance with Training vs Working Out!

Daryl Laws Endurance

Question: I walk at the gym on the treadmill three to four days a week but when I went out sledding with my kids I was exhausted. What do I need to do to get into better “real world” shape? Answer: Real world shape is different than just being able to walk around the mall […]

Healthy Employees are More Productive

Question: We were informed recently that our company in and effort to reduce health insurance costs would be doing health screenings and checking our BMI. What exactly is that and how does it represent good health? Answer: Your company has the right idea that healthy employees are more productive, less sick days for one thing, […]

Flabby Arms after Weight Loss?

Arm Workout for Flabby Arms

Question: I have recently lost fifty pounds and while I am healthier and feel so much better about myself the backs of my arms are loose and need toning up. What are the best exercises I can do to tighten those babies up? Answer: Congratulations on your successful weight loss! Unfortunately one of the remaining […]

How to Prevent Knee Injuries for Runners

Question: I do a lot of running and read that weight training is beneficial in helping to prevent knee injuries. What would be the best exercises for me to do? Answer: To assist in the prevention of knee injuries you need to follow a program that is Hamstring Dominant. By making hamstring exercises the focus […]

Success is a Matter of Goal Setting and Not Stopping

Daryl Laws Body Unlimited Keep Moving

Question: I read your previous articles the past two weeks about surrounding yourself with positive people and mentally preparing yourself for success. I need specific help with goal setting. Should I set very high goals that I may or may not reach or something more attainable? Answer: Always reach for the impossible. Impossible only means […]

Overcoming Failure and Targeting Success

Question: This season was difficult and I just don’t know if I have the ability I once did to keep winning. I made some changes in my life during the past year and I have begun to wonder if I really have the necessary talent to make it where I want to go. How can […]

Weight Loss – You Have to Want it Enough to Change Your Life…

Question: I just have not been committed to the weight loss plan I made as a New Year’s resolution. How can I stay on track when it seems everyone around me isn’t ? Answer: The short answer is change the people you’re around. It’s true that spending time with people who are overweight, or drink, […]

Off Season Football Training and Goals

Question: I want to be the best I can be. I am willing to train seven days a week if necessary to get there. How many days a week do you recommend for getting ready for football in August? Answer: Seven days is going to be a bit much for a young high school student. […]

Fitting Workout Time into a Busy Schedule

Make Time to Workout

Question: I know I need to workout but I can’t find the time in my schedule. I am making a New Year’s Resolution to start exercising and be healthier. Are there quick 10 minute workouts that I can do in place of a regular forty to sixty minute workout? Answer: Yes there are some “quickie” […]

Weight Workout for Swimming

Weight Workout for Swimming

Question: Is there a weight workout that is helpful for swimming? Answer: Weight training is beneficial for swimming but the idea is not to train exclusively heavy to get stronger. You need a variety of rep systems to improve muscle strength, muscle endurance and always work on flexibility. Core work is essential with an exercise […]