Higher Reps or Heavier Weights for Women in 50s Workout?

Question: I have been working out for a while now. As a woman in my 50′s, I wanted to know whether doing lighter weight and higher reps was better or heavier weight and fewer reps? Answer: Although the typical response is lighter weight and higher reps the most effective method is a combination of the […]

Do Cheat Days Work when Dieting?


Question: I recently heard on the radio that eating a cheat meal once a week would help me to lose weight. How is that possible? Answer: For at least 20 years we have been informing clients that taking a cheat meal every seven to nine days makes a difference when you’re maintaining a disciplined diet […]

Training Chest and Back

Question: I need a routine to help me grow a little larger through my chest and back. I currently do some bench presses, push-ups, incline dumbbell presses and sometimes the flye machine. Usually I do 10 reps per set. For back I do Pulldowns, machine rows and sometimes dumbbell rows for 10 reps or so […]

Training After or Between Seasons

Question: My son has about three weeks after he finishes high school basketball before he begins AAU ball. What type of training program would be the most beneficial to him in that time frame and after AAU ball starts up could he get in one or two days a week to help him maintain? He […]

Returning to Training after Sickness

Question: What is the best way to return to training after you have been sick? My son had a serious stomach virus and really didn’t eat for three days. He still isn’t eating normally and says he is weak feeling. Baseball starts soon and he wants to be ready for high school tryouts. Answer: Seems […]

How to Get Shapely Legs…

Question: I really want to have more shapes to my legs. I tend to eat light and my legs are skinny. The workouts I have done are lightweight and higher reps. What do I need to change to get more shape? I don’t want big bulky muscles, either. Answer: First, let go of the notion […]

Weight Lifting to Build a Better Athlete

Question: My son is a pitcher and plays travel ball. What exercises should he do to continue building strength as he gets older? Answer: For athletes it always begins with core training. Analyze the pitching motion which is pulling the knee upward, slightly rotating the hips backwards as you twist the torso, drawing the pitching […]

Post Training Protein Supplement?

Question: What is the best way to recover after a strenuous workout? Should I eat or use a protein supplement? What is one of the better supplements available?   Answer: After a training session, which is different from a workout, you body needs to repair and restore muscle. Most people workout. The massive influx of […]

Speed Summit 1-5-2014

Speed Training 1-5-2014

If you are interested in speed on and off the track don’t miss this rare opportunity to attend the Speed Summit being held Sunday January 5, 2014 at 2 PM with Randy Hadley, Olympic Trainer and Kenta Bell 2004/2008 Olympian. Randy was in town last week and worked with an athlete two times. The difference […]

Speed Training

Question: My boys play high school sports. One plays football and the other lacrosse. Both need to get faster and we’ve trained with a trainer recommended by the football coach but with no real difference in a couple of months. Can you explain what we need to do or can you recommend a course of […]