Weight Workout for Swimming

Weight Workout for Swimming

Question: Is there a weight workout that is helpful for swimming? Answer: Weight training is beneficial for swimming but the idea is not to train exclusively heavy to get stronger. You need a variety of rep systems to improve muscle strength, muscle endurance and always work on flexibility. Core work is essential with an exercise […]

Getting More Defined Arms and Shoulders

Daryl Laws Getting Ripped

Question: I want to be more defined in my arms and shoulders. What is the best way to do that without losing a lot of weight? I need to maintain my weight for football but I want to look better as well. Answer: Getting defined, or ripped, is predominantly a weight loss, body fat loss […]

Do Not Change Routine Simply for the Sake of Change

Question: I keep reading that variety is important in training. Does that mean you have to use different exercises every time you work a body part? Answer: Variety certainly is the spice in training. You should use only a little spice to flavor a dish or meal because using too much just makes you taste […]

Adding Size After Football Season

Adding Size After Football Season

Question: I want to add size now that football is over. My goal is to build ten to fifteen pounds of muscle by August of next year. I have weightlifting at school and wondered if it is going to be too much if I train after school as well because at school we really don’t […]

How to Treat Tennis Elbow

Question: What can I do to treat tennis elbow? It has gotten to the point it’s difficult to shake hands and destroyed my golf game. Answer: That sounds severe. First, go see an orthopedist and let the medical professional determine if you need a prescription strength anti-inflammatory as a front line treatment. If prescription strength […]

Restoring Drive, Motivation, and Confidence


Question: What can you do to restore an individual’s drive, focus and confidence in his game? Yeah, it’s only pick-up ball at the Y but it’s just not there anymore and it makes me a little crazy. Answer: If it is pick-up ball, do you play every day? If you do, the easiest solution is […]

F.A.S.T Sports Performance Development Clinic 11-15-14


Come out to our clinic on November 15th, 2014 at JDL Fast Track in Winston-Salem, 9am to 1pm.  This clicic is open to athelets of all sports and will help develop overall speed, agility, and explosiveness.  Please contact me for more information… Daryl. From Kentá Bel Hello, my name is Kentá Bell 2x US Olympic […]

Walking Outside vs. Inside on a Treadmill… Which is Better?

Body Unlimited Treadmill

Question: The weather has cooled off to the point that I don’t enjoy walking outside. I am considering using the mall as an alternative for my walks. My other option would be a membership through the Silver Sneakers program at a gym to use treadmills there. Which would be the most beneficial to do? Answer: […]

Try Intermittent Fasting to Drop Those Last Few Pounds!

Question: I need to drop a few pounds this month but have decreased my calories to a point I don’t want to eat any less. I also train 4-5 days a week and don’t know if I can add any thing else there. I have lost 40 pounds this year so what I’ve done has […]

Exercises to Improve Golf Swing…

Question: My son wants to improve his golf game by lifting weights and he needs to add muscle to his frame. Should he take a weight gain product as well? Since he sometimes does not eat breakfast could he have one of those instead? Answer: Improving core strength is a must for golfers to add […]