Exercises to Improve Golf Swing…

Question: My son wants to improve his golf game by lifting weights and he needs to add muscle to his frame. Should he take a weight gain product as well? Since he sometimes does not eat breakfast could he have one of those instead? Answer: Improving core strength is a must for golfers to add […]

What is More Important Sleep or Training?

Question: What is more important sleep or training? I usually get five to six and a half hours of sleep a night. It’s hard to get more than that with practice and homework. Answer: Both training and sleep ( recuperation), each stand as one of the five pillars of a healthy life along with nutrition, […]

Do Not Drop Deadlifts from Your Training

Chandler Weger 405 Deadlifts

Question: I recently dropped deadlifts from my training routine because I strained my back while doing them a few weeks ago. When I played high school ball we didn’t do deads but did cleans instead. Should I just do cleans or go back to doing deads? Answer: Some coaches even at the D-1 level came […]

Should Athletes Train at all During the season

Question: Should my son be training at all during the season? Both he and I have noticed that he is not as strong as at the beginning of the year. He has weight training at school but I don’t see much change. Answer: I spoke with Jamal Brooks who spent seven years in the NFL […]

Consistency, Intensity and Discipline Pay Off in Weight Loss

Question: I seem to have hit a long term plateau. My job has me getting in late and subsequently eating late. What should I do now to get leaner? Answer: If you have lost ground and have hit the doldrums then you need to reintroduce yourself to the goals you set. It’s time to shake […]

Finding and Keeping Motivation

Question: There is no motivation left in me to go to train, or run, or really feel like doing much anymore. Work is a grind, our kids are grown, and I feel like taking it easy. At the same time I don’t want to slide down the slippery slope and let my health go downhill. […]

Water vs. Soft Drinks for Hydration

Question: I read a study not too long ago that determined soft drinks were as good as water for maintaining hydration. I don’t like the taste of water all that much so could I just drink Gatorade and soft drinks to stay hydrated? Answer: Sure, if you believe that study and before you say the […]

Recovering and Preventing ACL Injuries

painful knee illustration

Question: My daughter has torn her ACL and will soon complete her rehab. Are there exercises that are beneficial and may make her knee stronger so she does not have a repeat injury? Answer: The Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise in the May 2014 issue recognized that neuromuscular exercises were effective in reducing ACL […]

Drinking Enough Water – Avoid Cramps

Question: The coaches keep telling us we need to drink more water and Gatorade. I understand all that but what happens if you don’t other than catching a cramp? Answer: Catching a cramp is pretty painful and entirely preventable by simply drinking water. To add insult to injury if the the cramp is in your […]

Goals are Achieved with Patience

Question: If you had one piece of advice for people working out what would it be? Answer: Patience. Whether you are a forty year old struggling to lose weight or a sixteen year old kid pushing to get bigger, stronger and faster, be patient. Being patient does not mean waiting for things to happen. Patience […]