Triceps Exercises After Elbow Surgery

Question: I had surgery on my elbow a yer ago and it had healed nicely. Rehab went well but I still can’t do any tricep exercises like triceps Pressdowns. Do you know of any exercises that may not hurt across my elbow when I do them? Answer: The first potential exercise that comes to mind […]

Improve Your Vertical with this Explosive Workout

Question: I didn’t make the basketball team this year. I know what I need to work on: more vertical and more speed. What are some exercises I can do to improve my vertical? Answer: We trained a high school basketball player over the past eight weeks during which his vertical improved four inches. The key […]

Eat Your Greens – That’s an Order!

Question: I don’t like green foods. I couldn’t say it’s the color or the texture or why but I just don’t want to eat them. What is so important about vegetables that you should eat them every day? Answer: Not only should you eat green food every day you probably should find some way to […]

Nuts – The Nutritional Pluses and Minuses

Queston: I like to eat nuts but probably eat too many of them. How much should I eat and which nuts are the best to eat. Should I eat them roasted or raw? Answer: Nuts are a great snack but they are a calorie dense food. While they offer good nutrition for the calories they […]

Baseball Workout – Drop the Bench Press!

Question: I’m 14 and have been going to the gym to get stronger for baseball. I’m struggling with getting my bench press better. Do you have any advice for getting a bigger bench? Answer: Your determination to improve your bench press is admirable but misguided if your end goal is to become a better baseball […]

Do I Really Need 8 to 10 Hours of Sleep?

Question: I usually get six hours of sleep a night. My coach says I need more and I know growth occurs during my sleep but if I feel ok do I need more sleep? Answer: You are correct that growth does occur during R.E.M. sleep which is the time our minds and bodies are in […]

Maintaining Intensity in Crowded Gyms

Question: I use your system of alternating exercises to maximize my training efforts and minimize my time in the gym but since I moved to a larger city the gym I’m in is so crowded that it’s almost impossible to have two pieces of equipment in use. How can I use one exercise at a […]

Protein for Lactose Sensitivity that’s NCAA OK?

Question: I am a collegiate athlete and I use a whey isolate protein because of my lactose sensitivity. Regular whey protein does not sit well in my stomach. One of the trainers at school said I was only allowed to use the brand the school provided because it was certified by the NCAA. It kills […]

Baseball Off-Season Workout

Question: I play baseball and have only a few more weeks of fall ball before our off season. I wanted to know what exercises you thought were the more productive for improving throwing speed and bat speed? Answer: Randy Hadley, a good friend and amazing trainer in Orlando, who’s client list includes MLB players and […]

Building a Better, Stronger Back

Question: I’m looking for a killer back routine to add to my training. What are some cool exercises I can do to build a better back? Answer: Interesting question. To build a better back, first look at the muscle groups that compose the back from a bodybuilding viewpoint. You have the lats, spinal erectors, teres […]