Time Management for Workouts

Question: I’m spending way too much time in the gym and haven’t been able to complete my workouts. By too much, I mean over two hours. Do you have a shorter routine that won’t take as long to complete and is effective? I’m usually do five different exercises per large body part with three to […]

You Don’t Achieve Goals Overnight, but with Determination

Question: I need to get bigger, stronger and faster as soon as possible to be ready for the upcoming basketball season. I’m trying to make the varsity team as a freshman but know I need to make changes. How many days a week do I need to train? Answer: It’s not an overnight process. It […]

IT Band Workout to Correct Imbalance

Question: I’m having problems with what my doctor says is my IT band. He has outlined a regimen to deal with the inflammation and physical therapy for it but I haven’t seen any remarkable changes. I remembered an article you wrote about IT band work and why it was important but I need more direction […]

Mid-Age Workout Tips

  Question: I am turning 50 in a few weeks and am beginning to feel some of my age especially after I workout. Are there any tips you can provide about how to modify my workouts to keep my joints from feeling worse after training? Answer: Knees, shoulders and elbows can often flare up, ache […]

Cupping Alternative Medicine

Question: I’ve seen the purple circular bruises on Michael Phelps and other athletes at the Rio Olympics. The commentators have talked about them but I still don’t understand how the suction cups improve recovery. Can you elaborate? Answer: Cupping, which has been around for centuries, requires special cups that either use a pump or a […]

Intense Density Routine to Build Stronger Legs

Question: I’m trying to build larger legs because right now I look like I walk around on stilts. My upper body is pretty good but my legs just don’t seem to grow. What routines could I do to build larger, stronger legs? Answer: Leg training requires working large muscles and large, strong muscle groups. Considering […]

What to do After You Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

Question: I set a goal of losing 100 pounds nearly a year ago and have reached it. The real difficulty for me was exercising as often as I should but I had a plan and stuck to it. Now that I’m where I wanted to be I don’t know what to do. How should I […]

Quick and Healthy Meals

Question: I’m heading back to college but I’m moving into an apartment. That means I have to cook which I don’t know how to do. Do you have any healthy recipes or tips for eating healthy? Answer: Everyone needs to learn to cook and then have the self-discipline to do it more often instead of […]

Olympic Level Mindset

Question: As I watched the Olympic trials, I was amazed at the performances of these athletes. What struck me in particular was how completely exhausted they were once their races were over. Additionally Simone Biles made a comment in passing after her floor routine the her legs were dead going into her final tumbling run. […]

Improving Your Golf Game with Weight Training

Question: I want to improve my golf game and I keep reading how most of the younger pro golfers are lifting weights. Other than helping you hit the ball further on fairway shots, how helpful is lifting weights to golf? Answer: On the surface, your conclusion is exactly correct. Getting stronger can help your long […]