How Can I Lose Fat Like a “Biggest Loser”?


Question: I have been working out for a week and I have dieted but I have not lost any weight at all. These people on the “Biggest Loser” lose about 10 pounds a week. What else do I need to do?
Answer: If you want to see results similar to the ones that participants on “Biggest Loser” experience then you will need to eat very clean consuming only 1200 calories each day. In addition, you will need to burn a minimum of 6000 calories per day. That is the minimum “burn” required by the contestants on the show and most of them attempt to exercise even more than that. You have a job, perhaps a family with many stresses and distractions to keep you from training and having your meals planned out as well as you need. It can be difficult to do when you are not safe within the structured confines of the “ranch.” If you follow the show you may remember that in the past years when the contestants go home for a month, the average weight loss, if any, is around 10 pounds. That is a huge difference from the usual 8 to 15 pounds a week they can lose while at the ranch with nothing to do but exercise.
You said you were trying to lose 10 to 15 pounds by summer which is a concrete goal and you have given yourself time to accomplish this. That’s two big things in your favor. You also have never trained with weights before but have relied on your body’s natural metabolism to keep yourself a lightweight but now that you are in your 40’s it is becoming difficult not to gain weight. The weight training will make you slightly heavier at first. Also you have to be serious about how clean you are eating. The training, cardio, water and healthy food will begin to accelerate your metabolism and you should feel differently by the end of the second week. By the fourth week you should see results on the scale and especially in the way your clothes fit. You are definitely on the right track and going the right way. Keep up all the things you are doing. Consistency leads to small successes which add up to a big success.
3rd Rocket Fuel Workout (video coming shortly):

  1. Bicycle crunches 50
  2. Ball push-ups 10
  3. ACC pull-ups 10
  4. Pop squats 20 (every 5th rep you jump)

God bless and keep training,


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