6 Tips to Controlling Blood Sugar for Diabetics


Exercise Diabetes Control Blood Sugar
Question: After a doctor’s visit and trip to the pharmacy that could have been avoided to purchase drugs to combat Type II diabetes I realize that I should have spent more time taking care of my body. Now, I have to exercise and lose weight in order to have the chance to come off the drugs to control blood sugar. Do you have any advice for getting on board to become healthier?

Answer: Better late than never. It’s good to know that you may have the option of being able to stop taking pharmaceuticals to control your blood sugar. There are several simple things you can do to accomplish this.

  1. Make water your best friend. The old guideline of eight glasses of water a day, 64 ounces, may not be enough for some people. Weigh yourself and divide that number by 2. The result should be how much water you should drink a day. It’s more comfortable if you divide how much water you need by 8. That way you can consume that amount of water each hour over an 8-hour period. When you dramatically increase your water consumption it takes three to five days for you to adapt to it, meaning you’ll feel frequent urges to go the bathroom.
  2. Walking is a great exercise to begin if you’re not exercising at all. Choose a moderate distance or time as your starting point. It should be mildly challenging at first, but keep adding to your time and distance.
  3. Resistance training burns tremendous amounts of glycogen, stored sugar. Once you’ve built a bit of stamina from the walking introduce weight or resistance training. Two days a week is sufficient at the beginning.
  4. Choose naturals foods as much as possible. Vegetables, fresh meats and foods that generally won’t rapidly escalate your blood sugar levels are excellent. Most frozen meals or boxed foods are highly processed. Cook more to maintain control over what you eat.
  5. A little exercise, if it’s challenging, can go a long way to improving your overall health by reducing your blood pressure and strengthening your heart.
  6. With the costs of healthcare and health insurance skyrocketing you can save yourself a great deal of lost time and money by making healthier choices and exercising.

God bless and keep training,