Bison Lower in Fat, Good for Those with Allergies.


Question: My son has allergies to beef, which doctors feel could be coming from the industry that grows and produces cattle with hormones. Our doctor suggested that we try alternative sources of protein. On the list of acceptable foods was American bison and lamb. We’re trying to eat healthier. Do you know of any other meats that are range-fed?

Answer: American bison is sold via the Internet and locally as ground bison at grocery stores. It is lower in fat than typical beef, raised without hormones and it has a good taste.

If being hormone-free and free-range, which means the cattle are raised primarily on grasses and natural food sources, is the only criteria, you may inquire at farms in your local area. Many raise and sell freerange, hormone-free beef. You didn’t mention whether fish was a possibility but it would seem to fit into your criteria of being lean and hormone-free. Venison is very lean, though not currently in season, though some people may find it gamey tasting. Another very good potential source would be goat meat.

Goat farms are becoming more popular due to the increasing worldwide demand for goat meat. Boer goat is leaner than beef or chicken, has a great flavor and is free-range and hormone-free. Again, you may be able to find a local farm that raises Boer goats and also sells the processed meat.

God bless and keep training.