Can I Loose Weight with Meal Replacement Drinks and Playing Basketball?



Question: I play basketball and need to loose weight. You would think I could lose weight with all the running but that hasn’t happened. My mom has decided for us to try a weight loss plan that uses a meal replacement drink for two meals and you actually eat food for one meal. What is your opinion?

Answer: It appears that the old Oprah liquid diet she followed around 1988 has returned. That diet ended for her when she pulled the wagon of beef fat on stage representing the amount of weight she had lost. As soon as that episode of her show had finished taping she started eating backstage and in a short time put on more weight than she had lost. A diet using meal replacements doesn’t teach you how to make healthy food choices and the amount of daily calories are so low that your metabolism will actually slow down over time. When you have reached your goal and begin to eat more real food, and you will begin to eat again, you gain weight back at a faster rate because your baseline metabolism has decreased.

It’s difficult to slow down the pace of our lives to prepare food that you need to be healthy, and our taste buds have been warped so much that we think fast food or even some commercial restaurant chain’s food’s taste good. Eat at home with healthy fresh meats and vegetables and you’ll realize the difference.

As an athlete, you won’t perform as effectively in sports drinking meal replacement shakes. Those can leave you feeling weaker and lethargic. By making smart food choices that include a balanced breakfast, a healthy mid-morning snack like an apple with peanut butter and a fulfilling lunch of grilled chicken, vegetables, a sweet potato, or even a regular potato without all the fattening additions, you will be energized.As the day continues eat another light snack of almonds(10), a dinner that includes fish and large amounts of vegetables, a final snack of Greek yogurt and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Lower your calories by replacing high calorie/low nutritional food with those that contain a high nutritional value, low calories and high fiber.

Remain active and if possible become more active in order to achieve the explosiveness and mobility that comes from hard exercise and being lighter.
God bless and keep training,