Consistency, Intensity and Discipline Pay Off in Weight Loss


Question: I seem to have hit a long term plateau. My job has me getting in late and subsequently eating late. What should I do now to get leaner?

Answer: If you have lost ground and have hit the doldrums then you need to reintroduce yourself to the goals you set. It’s time to shake up your training routine and the foods you eat.

To get leaner and to mix things up a bit switch to a multiple exercise routine in a sequence with a cardio component tacked on three times a week. For the two other days you should do standard cardio.

The weight training/cardio mix is higher intensity with exercises to move you in a positive direction not randomly.

Using the slightly lower intensity cardio on alternate days gives you some relief and recovery but you’re still working to burn fat.

Food and timing are your two greatest issues. Find a way to slip in a snack between lunch and getting off work. A small snack would take the edge off your hunger so that when you get home you won’t feel like you could eat the counter tops. That snack will make it easier to stop the eating once you have consumed all that you should. Your foods should consist of a lean meat and vegetables without the starches. Preferably not processed foods either. For instance chicken, cod or salmon with broccoli and steamed zucchini.

If you find that you’re still having difficulty stopping eating, keep some small containers of light yogurt available for a snack after dinner. If you have fattening comfort food around either finish it and don’t replace it or throw it out.

During the first two weeks of healthier eating you’re not going to be perfect. Try to be but don’t be hard on yourself if you’re not. Each time you slip remember to do better the next day. It will take two to three weeks to develop and maintain a healthy regimen but work progressively towards that. After three weeks the healthy choices will be habit and it will be easier mentally as your training begins to melt off the pounds.

Consistency, intensity and discipline pays off.

God bless and keep training,