Eating the Right Breakfast to Gain Weight


Breakfast Protein Gain Weight
Question: I need to gain weight now that I’m in the off-season. I am not a big fan of breakfast and get bored eating the same thing all the time. How can I keep some variety in breakfast and get the protein I need?

Answer: One of the “problems” people have with breakfast is that they want variety. While there is nothing wrong with that if you’re trying to get calories in — healthy calories — then you need to assert self-discipline and accept that for a while you may have to be a little bored with food.

Bodybuilders tend to eat the same things for two to four months in order to achieve the low body fat conditioning and build the muscle mass they need to compete. It’s a choice.
However, there are some things you can alter, especially at breakfast, to make meals more enjoyable. It’s easy to add carbohydrates to your meal simply by chopping up half of a baked potato. The night before you go to bed, bake or microwave a potato for quick hash browns the next morning.

An easy way to microwave a potato is to place it on a small microwaveable plate or bowl. Rinse the potato and wrap it in a paper towel. Thoroughly wet the wrapped potato and place it in the dish. Cook it on high for 3½ minutes, turn it over and cook it another three minutes. Once you’ve chopped it up, you can place it in the skillet with some nonstick spray for a few minutes or mix it in with your eggs and scramble them together. Chop a small amount of onion and add it to the mix for even more flavor.

To increase the amount of protein you’re getting without adding more eggs, chop some leftover chicken, turkey or beef and stir that into your mix as well. For those athletes needing more weight, you can add an ounce of cheese.

Preparation is the key to tasty, healthy eating. That means getting up a little earlier to cook, which requires going to bed a little sooner. If you’re planning to be an exceptional athlete, treat your body to the food and nutrition it requires to achieve excellence.

If you prefer cold, sugar bomb cereals or pop tarts for a quick out-the-door meal, plan on remaining the same.

Being a high school athlete requires moving away from childhood comfort foods toward more nutritious food selections to prepare your body for training and growth.

God bless and keep training,