Eating Clean


Question: What is eating”clean”?  Does it mean you can’t eat out?  Do you eat raw foods only?  Is it just a chicken and broccoli diet like I saw an old boyfriend eat for weeks who was doing a bodybuilding show?

Answer: Eating “clean” means you eliminate the junk in your daily food consumption. What is junk? Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he was a bodybuilder would cut out all white foods which eliminated white rice, white flour products, white potatoes and white sugar. Several diets popular today follow this approach as a portion of their plans for success. Diabetics could use this outline idea successfully to help regulate their blood sugar levels.

Raw foods are a part of eating clean. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a cornerstone of the plan due to the nutritional value and fiber values these foods possess.

Eating in restaurants is acceptable as long as you are fully aware that you have little control over what is done to your food. You may request steamed vegetables but you may still get butter on them while they are being steamed. Though that only adds a few extra calories at time, it can still make a difference in the long run. On your cheat days once a week, go out and enjoy someone else’s cooking just don’t do it fourteen times a week as one of our clients confessed to me was the normal eating pattern. Fortunately, most restaurants are aware that some of their patrons like to eat healthier and are cooking foods to accommodate them.

There is nothing fried when you eat clean. You drink water as your primary liquid and possibly lightly sweetened tea with meals. There are no soft drinks including diet drinks except as a cheat/treat. Breakfast is essential and frequent snacks between meals help keep your blood sugar levels even. Your daily intake is balanced with carbohydrates making up 35 to 40% of your total calories. These carb selections are fruits, vegetables, oatmeal and whole grain choices. Starchy carbs are used sparingly. Protein is 30 to 35% of your daily food intake. Egg whites with one or two yolks scrambled is part of a good breakfast. Lean beef, poultry and fish are eaten primarily. Fat is only a 15 to 25% part of what you eat. Stay away from fried foods and include a small amount of nuts and sources of omega-3’s like flax seed oil or fish oils caps.

What most people realize find about eating clean is that although it appears restrictive and boring in reality you actually enjoy the taste of the foods you eat and learning to use seasonings plays a big part of it. It’s not just eating boiled chicken and broccoli. You’ll also realize that the junk food you thought tasted good isn’t as delicious as you remember when you actually get away from eating it for a while.

God bless and keep training.,