Fitting Workout Time into a Busy Schedule

Make Time to Workout

Make Time to Workout

Question: I know I need to workout but I can’t find the time in my schedule. I am making a New Year’s Resolution to start exercising and be healthier. Are there quick 10 minute workouts that I can do in place of a regular forty to sixty minute workout?

Answer: Yes there are some “quickie” routines you can do but first I have six words for you: life slows down when you’re sick.

  • Closely evaluate your day and how you are actually using your time.
  • Get up earlier to prepare a healthy breakfast and lunch before you head to work.
  • Go to sleep earlier so your body gets the rest it requires.
  • Drink more water and reduce or eliminate sugary soft drinks and even artificially sweetened sodas.
  • Walk further. For instance, park as far as you can from your work entrance or from a store and walk more when the weather is agreeable.
  • Walk up and down stairs instead of waiting for elevators or escalators.
  • Eating the lunch you packed allows you to spend a short amount of time walking or exercising and still eat.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially as a snack.

It’s actually a good routine if you don’t have larger blocks of time to do ten to fifteen minutes of exercise two to three times a day.

A routine we put together for a client who worked in a large office building that had a flight of stairs on each end of the building which was three floors looked like this:

  • Walk up to the second floor,
  • Do ten push-ups and walking lunges to the stairs on the opposite side of the building.
  • Once there do another ten push-ups.
  • Walk up to the third floor do fifty bicycle crunches and lunge back to the opposite side.

This took about ten minutes and was performed during a morning break, at lunch and in the afternoon. It was all the time available but it worked along with a sensible, healthy eating plan.

If you’re willing to record TV shows you like and watch them later commercial-free, reduce social media time, especially if you’re not directly communicating with someone but browsing the internet, you can usually find more than enough time to fit in training.

If you don’t find time now while you’re healthy you may be forced to find time when you’re sick.

God bless and keep training,