Gaining Weight for College Ball


Question: I need to gain weight for football. I have several D1 teams who are interested but want me heavier. I don’t want to just get heavier without gaining muscle. What is the best way to put on good weight?

Answer: Congratulations on having multiple options for continuing your career into collegiate ball. First, don’t make mistakes like using weight gain powders. If you read the labels you’ll see that the serving size is four to six scoops and it’s a large scoop. You’re usually getting a low grade protein and plenty of carbs in those scoops. Buy a good protein powder like Scivation, which is actually made locally, or Optimum Nutrition and add a banana or other fruit to your mix. It tastes much better.

Don’t add garbage foods like fast foods to meet your calorie requirements. You can be loose with the food selections you make, but add calories that will benefit your growth.

Do eat a solid breakfast of four to six eggs, whole wheat toast and milk. You can use whole milk or 2% milk. Do eat oatmeal. Preferably the whole oat type. Heat your water to boiling and pour it over a cup or more of oats and let it sit for five minutes or so. Another method is to mix oats and water and microwave them on high for four minutes. Add a large tablespoon of honey and even cinnamon or a couple of tablespoons of apple butter to the mix for better flavor.

Use eight ounces of flank steak, what you would usually get for a stir fry, and two cups of jasmine rice and broccoli or green beans for lunch.

Have a protein shake after you train with fruit in it if possible.

Add a PBJ on whole wheat as an additional snack along with nuts, preferably the raw variety for more afternoon snacks.

For dinner have a sweet potato or regular baked potato along with a couple of chicken breasts and greens.

Your late snack can be another protein shake or yogurt.

It’s a lot of eating but it is eating good foods not supplements or junk. Train like you have to be there tomorrow, drink water, it’s essential and get your necessary sleep. You’ll grow.

God bless and keep training,