Healthy Employees are More Productive


Question: We were informed recently that our company in and effort to reduce health insurance costs would be doing health screenings and checking our BMI. What exactly is that and how does it represent good health?

Answer: Your company has the right idea that healthy employees are more productive, less sick days for one thing, and using the BMI as a tool to provide a ballpark figure of health is a good place to start when a company has thousands of employees.

BMI, Body Mass Index, is an easy indicator to calculate, although fitness professionals don’t use it because if a person has decent muscle mass, the numbers are skewed as if the person is overweight.

A person who’s BMI is 30 is considered obese. As a suggestion anyone who’s BMI is 30 or more should have a secondary option to also have a body fat test before being penalized for a poor BMI. If their body fat is below “normal”, perhaps below 10% to 12% for men and under 15% to 17% for women, then the BMI is ignored. If the body fat is high then options for losing fat by training with a trainer and a healthy meal plan could be offered as an incentive to assist employees in losing body fat.

All of the testing is an attempt by companies to lower health care insurance costs. Some companies go as far as to offer work site medical facilities, gyms and basketball courts along with dining facilities for healthy meals. If you’re one of the healthy ones who is intimidated by all the new procedures, just keep doing what you’re doing and inquire if the company has a plan to make your training more cost effective or convenient.

God bless and keep training,