Key to Keeping the Weight Off This Time…


Keep the Weight Off This Time
Question: My New Year’s resolution is like a lot of others. I need to lose weight and this time keep it off. I lost 25 pounds this year but added it back on as my old habits emerged. How can I do this and make it stick?

Answer: Obviously, you did something right to lose 25 pounds and actually did, from our conversation, do it by eliminating processed sugars and processed foods from your diet. You set a time frame and completed your dietary changes within that time.

You made two mistakes which robbed you of your success though. One, you failed to include any exercise in your daily lifestyle changes. Two, you set a time limit. Once you had completed the time requirements and the dietary changes, you allowed yourself to return to eating foods which you had eliminated. When you ended your “clean eating period” you didn’t have a “part 2” to maintain your results.

When you finished your “diet,” you were amazed at how you changed and like a lot of other successful diet people you rewarded yourself with the foods you had stopped eating. The “just for the day” turned into another rushed meal of more foods you stopped eating. The actual reward was how much better you felt, how much smaller you were and how you no longer had stomach issues after eating. You didn’t miss the foods you cut out; you just thought you should reward yourself for being so successful. Why open that door again? Eating foods again that left you feeling stuffed, bloated or running to the bathroom simply because you liked the taste of them defies logic.

For some people, eating is all about taste. Everyone wants to enjoy foods that taste good or even foods that we associate as comfort foods. If you can stay away from them long enough, the cravings for them dissipate. Just because the “Hot Sign” is on doesn’t mean you need them.

Include exercise this time in your routine. You’ll burn more calories, build a little muscle and your body will keep burning more calories for years. Your heart will be healthier and your hypertension will be controlled. It will be easier to live your day-to-day life. It’s a win-win situation. As you get older, it means you’re more capable of caring for yourself.

Exercise, eat healthier and make changes to enrich your life.

God bless and keep training,