Rely On Preparation not Energy Drinks


Question: I’m training four days a week and wondered if there was a good energy drink or pre-workout drink I should use when I don’t feel up to a workout. Also, what’s more important, water or Gatorade when working out?

Answer: Pre-workout and energy drinks supply a big boost of caffeine and sugar, at best, while some include a proprietary blend of chemicals or guarana, which is the raw source of ephedrine. None of it is good for you over time nor does it make for more productive workouts.

Some pre-workout drinks include the oxide blends that contribute to a fuller pump, the blood engorged sensation that occurs from training a specific muscle or body part, don’t contribute to actual muscle growth. They just make you feel that way.

Drinking a simple energy drink will provide you with a more energetic, alert outlook but that can quickly fade into a nauseous mess if your training is as challenging as it needs to be.

Be aware that both energy drinks and pre-workout drinks may accelerate your resting heart rate and elevate your blood pressure. Both of those things also occur while train, so beginning your workout with those artificially elevated isn’t a good idea.

A better way to insure you have enough energy is to eat healthy balanced meals, drink plenty of water and get adequate sleep. There isn’t a great marketing system to make doing those things look or sound cool but they work.

Finally, have a training plan prior to arriving at the gym. Know what you want to accomplish while you train and visualize some of your most challenging sets. It only takes a few minutes and delivers tremendous results. Mental rehearsal should be an active part of making your workouts successful.

God bless and keep training,