Should I Use a Weight Gain Supplement?


weight gain supplements
Question: I am trying to gain weight and plan to order a weight gain supplement. Is there a particular one that is better? Should I just try to eat more?

Answer: Weight gain supplements are fine as long as they are used supplement to your meals. Too often they are consumed in place of a meal instead of being a between meals, calorie-dense snack.

The other problem with them is they are calorie-dense but not exceptionally nutritionally dense according to labels. Most of weight gain products on the market have a sufficient serving of protein for muscle growth and a very large serving of carbohydrates for the additional calories.

Theoretically, you could achieve similar calorie totals by adding low fat ice cream and fruit to a simple protein supplement in a blender providing better taste, a little more nutritional value and lower cost.

Most of the young people we train inform me that they are eating all that they can possibly eat. Very rarely is that the case and if they are actually eating frequently, rarely are they filling up with calorie- dense, nutritious foods. Very often breakfast consists of a snack food that is high calorie, high sugar, low nutritional value.

  • A better breakfast would be three eggs scrambled with half of a chopped up baked potato mixed in with them. If you want even more protein and nutritional calories add some chopped chicken or other meat as well.
  • Chomp on a banana between classes and…
  • Take a large lunch with you.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Have another snack perhaps an apple, orange or handful of raw almonds in the afternoon.
  • Get yourself a good protein shake after your workout and have a solid dinner.
  • Later before bed have another protein shake.

Train hard, get enough sleep and you’ll grow more muscle and not get sloppy calories from a weight gain drink.

God bless and keep training,