The Importance of Good Nutrition on Growing Bodies


Question: I know sound nutrition is important for young growing bodies. How important? Is it something that makes a difference over a few days, a few weeks or even as the years progress? Should kids eat healthy every day or can they slip up and be a kid and enjoy some junk foods sometimes?

Answer: As a minimum they should follow the 80/20 Rule which is what we recommend adults to do.

80% of the time, Monday through Friday keep your eating clean. It’s easier to follow the structure of your work week. So follow a healthy food plan during your work week and loosen up on weekends.

Two points here though, because you have to practice self-discipline during the week, don’t rationalize by having a daily 20% and don’t go overboard with the 20% on the weekend either.

During the summer some kids are staying up as late as they want, getting out of bed when they want and eating whatever they want without guidelines. They aren’t ready for that style of freedom of choice. They will rebel slightly or they may ignore your guidelines but establish some limits and food parameters if your child has aspirations to maximize his/her athletic potential. You may need to be more involved. Outline times for staying up late and set wake up times with a list of duties or work to do. Teach them how to cook so they will not be dependent on fast food or food out of a box. Use a daily multi/vitamin – mineral if you like.

Athletes are built from the inside out. Healthy eating can make a difference in a day by providing the energy and balanced blood sugar necessary for a challenging training session. Proper nutrition after a workout ensures that the body can repair itself and adjust to training. Healthy eating makes an immediate impact on energy levels and recovery. Repeating a healthy daily nutritional routine ensures consistent long-term progress.

Drink water as your first choice for hydration.

Give your budding superstar the healthy foods and choices they need. Your kids may not want to at first, but if you join them in making healthy food selections for yourself and set the example you’ll benefit and become healthier. So lead by example

God bless and keep training,

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