Try Intermittent Fasting to Drop Those Last Few Pounds!


Question: I need to drop a few pounds this month but have decreased my calories to a point I don’t want to eat any less. I also train 4-5 days a week and don’t know if I can add any thing else there. I have lost 40 pounds this year so what I’ve done has been successful. Is there any other way you know that may help me lose a bit more?

Answer: Wow! You have done your homework, changed your entire physique and your life. One thing you could do is give intermittent fasting a try. One of our clients was very successful using this eating style for three weeks. He didn’t change any of his food, i.e. calories, protein, carbohydrates or fats but altered the time period during which he ate.

  • He rose from sleeping, drank some water and trained.
  • He didn’t eat his first meal until 11:00 AM.
  • During the six hours following that he ate as much as he could, eating his total food allowance in that six hour period for the day.
  • At 5:00 PM he ate his last meal.

Initially he said it was challenging to not eat later in the evening due to his previous eating habits but he was adjusted to it after the first week.

You will be hungry especially when you wake up but drinking water helps dilute your appetite and the hunger signal will go away after about ten to fifteen minutes. Trust me though it will return.

It appears you have the discipline needed to try this method but it’s not the easiest thing. You will need self-discipline to ignore the desire to eat at night. It is effective though.

Remember that this is a short-term method you can use for three to four weeks. It was successful for our client who was already down to six percent bodyfat and this helped him lose an additional two pounds a week for three weeks. It is not going to help you gain muscle but you won’t lose large amounts of muscle if you maintain the foods you were already eating.

God bless and keep training,