Exercises for a Firm Backside

Daryl Laws Firm Butt Exercise

Daryl Laws Firm Butt Exercise

Question: What is the best exercise for building a firmer backside? I’ve been doing squats and lunges but it just doesn’t seem to be enough.

Answer: Those are two of the best exercises you can do to develop a tighter backside if they are performed correctly.

To engage your glutes you need to drop the center of your thigh just below parallel to the floor when you are doing the exercises. Otherwise, you’re going to hit more of your upper thigh and it can make your knees sore. There is the misconception that if you go below parallel then it puts more pressure on your knees but the opposite is true. Keeping your toes straight ahead and cutting the rep a little shallow actually loads the knees more. Pointing your feet slightly out and dropping your hips just below parallel allows you to engage your hip flexors and glutes more. It is true though, that if you drop too low, bottoming out, it will load your lower back and knees more.

Another exercise that directly engages your glutes is the Hip Press. Initially, begin by doing it without resistance. You place your feet flat on the floor while lying on your back. Your knees are bent and you drive your hips upward fully squeezing the glutes for a half-second before lowering back down to start position. Do three sets of fifteen reps. The single-leg version is the same except it is done with one leg up while pressing upward with the other.

RDL’s, otherwise knows as Stiff-Leg Deadlifts can activate the glutes effectively. Keep your feet close together and at the top of the rep squared your glutes.

Standard Deadlifts are great for glutes as are Front Squats.

If you’re looking for a cardio workout that builds glutes, then try hill sprints or run stadium steps.

Mix up your exercises and do them two or three days a week.

God bless and keep training,