Higher Reps or Heavier Weights for Women in 50s Workout?


Question: I have been working out for a while now. As a woman in my 50’s, I wanted to know whether doing lighter weight and higher reps was better or heavier weight and fewer reps?

Answer: Although the typical response is lighter weight and higher reps the most effective method is a combination of the two. Most women are concerned about building bulky muscles and shy away from using heavier weights.

You could begin your training sequence with a series of exercises using enough weight to make your muscles burn by the time you reach fifteen reps.

For the next workout you should repeat the same rep ranges.

When you get to the third day of training you need to increase the weight by ten to twenty percent and cut the reps down into the eight to ten range.

The change challenges your muscles differently without needing to change exercises. Continue the pattern of two lighter weight workouts using higher reps followed by one heavier weight workout pushing less reps.

Each method has it’s own unique benefits Using heavier weight obviously puts greater stress on the skeletal structure helping to maintain or increase bone density. Being stronger simply makes simple tasks like carrying groceries easier as we age. High rep exercises tend to push your heart rate a bit higher and the greater blood volume requires an expansion of your capillaries to accommodate the blood flow.┬áBoth systems work well exclusively but combining the two is even better.

Always use good exercise form and contract the muscles fully as you exercise.

God bless and keep training,