Snow Day Workout


Snow Day Workout
Question: I was snowed in like everyone else and couldn’t get to the gym for a couple of days. What are some things I can to to exercise when I can’t do my regular training?

Answer: Take advantage of the snow. Bundle up and get out there.

  • Waking through ice and snow requires you to lift your legs higher than you normally do when you walk which works your hip flexors. Plus the added weight and bulkiness of the clothing restricts movement working you harder challenging your cardio recovery systems.
  • Sledding makes it even tougher on you because to sled down you have to walk up. However, the walking uphill keeps you warmer from the exertion. If you’re cheating and using a 4-wheeler to take you back up the hill you stay cold.
  • If your area was one of those that was hit with more snow then making snowmen and snow forts adds in a form of resistance training because the larger snow balls have a lot of weight to move similar to tire flipping or rolling.
  • Of course, chasing down people for snow ball fights is straight cardio with a weight vest.
  • Now, some serious work and calories can be burned from snow shoveling. This is one activity that can have serious repercussions if you’re not careful and specially if you’re not in shape or overweight. The motion of snow shoveling if a combination of a push, lift and explosive twist and throw. People regularly need to see chiropractor after serious shoveling from what is essentially a weighted twist. There have been cases of people having heart attacks from the exertion.
  • If you’re out working in snow or playing, remember to drink water. You sweat inside your cocoon of clothing and don’t really feel thirsty.
  • Get out, have fun and enjoy a different random style workout.

God bless and keep training,