Walking Outside vs. Inside on a Treadmill… Which is Better?


Body Unlimited Treadmill

Question: The weather has cooled off to the point that I don’t enjoy walking outside. I am considering using the mall as an alternative for my walks. My other option would be a membership through the Silver Sneakers program at a gym to use treadmills there. Which would be the most beneficial to do?

Answer: Walking outside allows you to increase the intensity of your walks if there are hills to climb. Walking uphill obviously requires you to engage more effort from your muscles and demands much more energy than walking on level ground. The intensity of the work requires higher energy output which stimulates your metabolism as well as burning calories from the walking.

If you transfer your exercise program to the mall you will eliminate the hills from your routine. While walking on a continually flat surface is much better than not walking at all, you would be better served by incorporating your Silver Sneakers option and beginning a relationship with a treadmill.

Once you become accustomed to the gym environment you may also like to try a stepmill, which looks like an escalator that you just keep climbing.

Another huge benefit of a gym membership is the option to begin a weight training routine that can help you maintain muscle mass and greater bone density.

While being inside doesn’t provide the fresh air and pleasure of the outdoors you may find a gym membership very beneficial for your health.

God bless and keep training,