Avoiding the “Freshmen 15”


Young Student With Books At School

Question: As I prepare to go away to school I am concerned about the ” freshmen 15″ that so many of my friends came back carrying after they went to school. Any advice to avoid that?

Answer: As young men and women leave their homes and venture into various schools to further their education they find life no longer has boundaries. While it clearly does, what is missing is the boundaries established by parents. In school there are no home cooked meals. The food is institutional food for the masses or fast food restaurants that are now embedded in schools and can be part of a student meal plan. In many schools it is an ” all you can eat” occasion everyday. Sweets and treats for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you want them. Don’t forget about alcohol which is readily available.

To avoid the excess calories requires self-discipline and self-discipline requires goals. Not just about food choices but about what you want to accomplish. Decide where you want to be on four years. Do you want to have to apply for jobs needing to lose 30 to 40 pounds? What job do you want ? Did you graduate near the top of your class or did you get derailed by the party scene. It all comes down to choices. Did you choose instant gratification or choose to train and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Find the school gym and when you get your schedule pencil in a time for working out. Make it part if your schedule and stick to the schedule. Set lofty goals. If you’re going to go to bat then swing for the fences.

Have fun while you’re in school. Being disciplined doesn’t require you to be isolated or to forego all social entertainment. Just be smart about it. You will learn that the sweets are ok in moderation and moderation means 10% to 20% of the time. Not every meal or even every day.

God bless and keep training,