What to do After You Reach Your Weight Loss Goal


Question: I set a goal of losing 100 pounds nearly a year ago and have reached it. The real difficulty for me was exercising as often as I should but I had a plan and stuck to it. Now that I’m where I wanted to be I don’t know what to do. How should I proceed?

Answer: Your success is a classic example of how to set long term goals but use short term goals to get there. Initially, those short term, or “stepping stones ” can be as simple as eating healthier or walking every day. There is a process to success and not only do you have to begin the process, you have to trust the process throughout. Following the process will force you to engage in the training you don’t always feel like doing. If you’re actively engaged in the steps of the process, you’ll reach your goals without being fixated on an end result. You know all this since you’ve successfully reached your end goal and now you’re asking what is next.

Your success is similar to the empty feeling some athletes experience after a championship or the end of a season. While the moment of victory is something you never forget, what athletes often miss is the training and the process leading up to the final competition. During that period there is a feeling of regimentation and control. Once the competition is over, it’s job well done and move on to the next challenge. The point is that they are so wrapped up in the process that it’s what they miss once it’s all over.

For those who have made major physical changes like your weight loss, there’s a bit of celebration and a loosening of the foods allowed in your meal plan but if it has truly become part of your lifestyle there is a quick return to a modified process.

The new goal is to maintain your weight so there has to be a new program. It’s not one that has to be written in stone but it needs to be part of your lifestyle. Diets only work as long as you can live with them. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle can make your life more enjoyable and exciting. Keep it as part of your life just don’t make it your life.

God bless and keep training,