Exercises to Improve Golf Swing…


Question: My son wants to improve his golf game by lifting weights and he needs to add muscle to his frame. Should he take a weight gain product as well? Since he sometimes does not eat breakfast could he have one of those instead?

Answer: Improving core strength is a must for golfers to add distance from the tees or in the fairways. Remember that adding strength alone is not enough to make a difference.

A golfer needs strength, flexibility and focus. A solid training program can improve all three points.

It starts with 3D abdominal exercises that cover lifting the hip towards the shoulders, rotating the torso and moving the upper torso towards the hip. The first and last exercises appear to be the same but they are not. Use a hanging knee raise, the Russian twist and a simple incline sit-up for three sets of each in a sequence. Those will get your core warmed up and you’re ready to train.

  • Hip bridges coupled with leg curls and drivers, which are like a sled push for football, work your hip flexors, hamstrings and glutes which is where the majority of the force to hit the long ball comes.
  • Unilateral squats with a weight allow your legs to work independently of each other coupled along with incline lunges.
  • Resistance band squats force the hamstrings and glutes to work more than if standard weights are used.
  • Deadlifts and incline dumbbell presses take on a new meaning for upper torso when you add plank push-ups on the end of that sequence.

Though there are other exercises that can be used, those make up the basis of a solid routine.

Weight gain supplements shouldn’t be necessary if your student/athlete is willing to get out if bed and eat. Food is always the first choice. Healthy nutrition creates a huge positive effect on performance before changes take place from training. Supplements are fine to add to the training table if there is no other way to consume more food. Food first though.

A final thought for your golfer. If it’s too much trouble to do the simple, little things like getting out of bed and eating then a formidable training routine will very quickly be too much trouble to complete with the intensity necessary to make it productive. Do the little things first and the big changes will follow.

God bless and keep training,