Sitting has become the New Smoking!


Question: I am exhausted after work and all I do is sit and work on the computer or answer questions on the phone. I want next year to be different. Any suggestions?
Answer: From a fitness and health perspective 2012 has the potential to be an amazing year. We are aware of the dangers of a complacent lifestyle and how to combat the health issues that occur because of it. Sitting has become the new smoking. Whether you have to sit because of your job or by choice the complications from that, lower back pain, neck and shoulder issues, joint stiffness, increased stress levels, are all well documented. Get up from your chair regularly and stretch or walk around your office or cubicle. Work standing up for a few minutes if you can. If you are on the road make time in your schedule for regular stops to move your body. Challenge yourself to walk and exercise at home if not for you then do it for and with your spouse or friend. Join a gym or fitness center, get some instruction from a trainer or even from a fitness magazine to get started. Just get started. You will feel differently and see changes in your body more quickly than you thought possible.
Be active with your kids lead them by example walk, hike, play catch, frisbee, tag or a sport they are interested in playing. Have fun with them and help them learn the advantages of being healthy. Get them off of the video games occasionally and play paintball so they can physically feel how exhausting the challenges are that they see in military video games. Refuse to be average. We are not perfect but we can all strive to be better.
It all starts with a choice to change and an attitude realizing that the decision to change requires a series of choices from getting up earlier to prepare healthy foods, to giving yourself a few minutes a day to exercise, to drinking water as your primary source and doing all of these things more frequently than not. Then they become your norm instead of the opposite.
God bless and keep training,


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