Tips for Exercise after Knee Surgery


Tips for Exercise after Knee Surgery
Question: I am recovering from knee surgery and have been released from doctor’s care to begin exercising on my own again. Using the PT exercises as a beginning point, how can I incorporate regular training back into my routine?

Answer: Obviously, use the exercises from your physical therapist to continue strengthening and restoring the range of motion to your leg. With meniscus repairs the tightness that you feel when closing your leg is a limiting factor and one to continue to train.

You should be fine with most exercises for your upper body with some exceptions. Exercises that load your knee or torque it laterally avoid for a while longer or, at least, use much lighter weights.

  • Use the bicycle to thoroughly warm your legs up before you train.
  • Leave deadlifts and stiff leg deads alone for a while longer.
  • Single arm dumbbell rows can load your knee laterally so use about half the weight you normally would for a couple more weeks.
  • Switch out standing barbell curls for a seated dumbbell curls.
  • Standing barbell curls can load your core more the squats or deads and the change you have to make to accommodate the load shift can affect your knee as well.
  • Leg presses are fine as long as you remain light weight and controlled reps.

When you do feel like you have overdone it ice it down afterwards. Stretch your hamstrings frequently after training. You should be back to full speed sooner than you think.

God bless and keep training,