Unconventional Explosive Football Leg Training


Question: I am looking for a way to condition my legs for football other than just doing more reps on conventional exercises. Any suggestions?

Answer: If you’re looking for an unconventional training routine this one should fit perfectly. It combines unilateral explosiveness and muscle endurance. Muscle endurance is the ability to repeat a movement or exercise with consistent force. In your case with football, driving your legs through opponents.

  • After warming up, begin your routine with Barbell Hip Presses in a superset with a sled drive. Do fifteen reps per set on the hip presses and drive the sled fifty to sixty feet. Considering the size of the typical linemen you will face, use around 300 pounds on the sled. Do three rounds on each pausing one minute after the sled before repeating the hip presses. There is no rest between hip presses and the sled.
  • After a recovery of two to three minutes do single leg squats alternating with dead mills. Single Leg Squats are done holding a single dumbbell on your upper chest with one foot on a bench. Lower yourself down until the leg in contact on the floor is parallel to the floor. Do ten reps on each leg and head to the treadmill. Raise it to it highest level and turn it off or unplug it. Holding on to the forward supports,drive the tread without power. Accelerate to a long stride,power run. Go for one to one and a half minutes. Recover for a minute and repeat two more times.
  • Lying Leg Curls are paired with Band Squats. These can be done on the floor, however we use a specialized speed training, angled board to maximize the effectiveness of the squats. The reason we use bands on this is there is more stored energy in a band than there is with weights and gravity. Do ten reps on curls and fifteen band squats for three sets of each.
  • The final pairing is Single Leg Block Hops, ten on each foot followed by a forty yard sprint. Three sets of each of those and a series of stretching ends your leg training.

It’s exhausting but effective.

God bless and keep training,