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Question: I ran cross country in high school and was on a summer swim team. Doing those and lifting weights Helped me get my bodyfat under ten percent. Now I’m only lifting since I’m getting ready to go to college. Should I add some running back into my workouts or should I adjust calories?

Answer: Going from such a full training schedule to only lifting, cardio training would be a benefit to you. It would be more difficult to reduce calories than it will be to add cardio.

You could add running into your workouts in a variety of ways. Certainly one way is to re-introduce a cross country course on one cardio workout. Around here, Cedar Rock Park has several nice hiking/running trails. For variety use a track, find one in your location at a school that you can use.

Set up a series of sprint intervals one day. Use a hill for hill sprints one day and use steps for another day for a training routine.

Since you’re a swimmer occasionally add swimming to your regimen.

Finally, you could insert a series of exercises for a cardio day.

Adding all of those would provide a good deal of variety for you to continue to maintain or even shed a little more fat.

College tends to add weight so you’ll need to continue to be self-disciplined enough to keep training or you’ll gain weight in school. Enjoy your summer.

God bless and keep training,