Getting in “Beach Shape” Starts Now!


Question: Spring is around the corner and that means I need to get in shape for the beach. The bad news is that I am in the worst shape of my life! I need help and a plan. Can you help me lose the winter coat I live in?
Answer: Getting rid of your winter coat is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other, you simply need to get moving. November, December and January were very cold and seemed to literally stop people in their tracks. No one wanted to be moving outside and most of us just stayed put wrapped in warm comforters eating comfort food. Now you need to be willing to be a little uncomfortable in order to get your body ready for the beach. You have plenty of time but treat your training with a sense of urgency because it is better to be in shape early instead of trying to rush it as the summer draws closer.

Your first priority is to make concrete goals.

  • Choose a number of pounds to lose, size to reach, inches to get off but make it what you want and then make it what you need. You have to need this, wanting it is not enough to motivate you.
  • Get rid of the junk in your house. Don’t make it one massive binge to get rid of it, give it away to a food bank or something just get it out and don’t buy any more.
  • Get out your healthy recipes and start cooking on the weekends to have food ready for you when you are hungry during the week.
  • Keep healthy snacks available like fruits and vegetables or even whole wheat turkey half sandwiches.
  • Start drinking water like you life depended on it.
  • Get rid of the soft drinks, even the diet soda, because it makes you crave sugar just like the ones with the sugar in them. Diet sodas also can make you crave fats according to studies. That’s why you eliminate diet sodas.
  • For the physical part of this, get outside and walk. Choose areas that have a good incline to climb or get on an uphill treadmill without holding on to the rails. It makes you work harder and burn more calories.
  • Finally, get into a good full body weight training routine. This tones and tightens your muscles, gives you shape and fights the effects of gravity. Weights are a minimum of two days a week while the cardio is a minimum of 5 days a week until you reach your goals.
  • Give yourself a diet break every seven days by having a cheat meal which helps prevent feeling overwhelmed by all of this.

God bless and keep training,