How to Loose 20 to 30 Pounds the Right Way…


Loose Weight

Question: I need to lose 20 to 30 pounds but I try repeatedly and fail repeatedly. I need to prepare meals in advance but it just seems like I don’t have the time with demands of my job and family. I’m overwhelmed and desperate. How do I start?

Answer: One bite at a time is the answer. The question is,”How do you eat an elephant?” When you’re faced with a large, complex problem it often appears too large to handle.

Break the monster into two parts beginning with your weight loss program. Start by making a nutritious breakfast every day for a week. Make the best choices you can for other meals and snacks you but make sure your breakfast is nutritious, tasty and filling. Eat breakfast like a king every day for the next seven days. Get into the routine of preparing food in the morning and after those seven days, move on to improving lunches. For breakfast you can enjoy eggs, whole wheat toast with natural jam, a slice or possibly two of bacon and coffee, juice, milk or water. If you’re drinking coffee limit the creamer because of it’s calorie density. Oatmeal and a boiled egg are fine together or make an egg sandwich with an English muffin and your bacon. It’s easy to eat on the go if necessary, but your best bet is to go to bed early enough to feel like waking up a bit earlier and enjoying a moderate start to your day instead of being on the go from the time your feet hit the floor.

While it is true you can’t out-train a bad diet you can address your overall meal plan one meal at a time. Work on lunches the second week of your new lifestyle.

Training is a necessity though. It too can be broken into segments. Choose three exercises for your first day. Perhaps two sets of Crunches, along with Leg Curls and Pulldowns. Finish your day with 5 to 10 minutes of cardio of your choice. Take a few minutes after that to congratulate yourself for taking the time and putting in the effort to complete your new workout.

The next day make it just cardio for 5 to 10 minutes again.

Day three do the floor version of Windshield Wipers, Leg Presses, Vertical Bench Presses and cardio.

Day four is cardio only.

Day five repeat your day one sequence. This time it should be easier.

We are all faced with overwhelming tasks each day that wear us out both mentally and physically. Weight loss programs seems so monstrous and challenging we tend to continue to avoid beginning for fear of another failure. Take it in small steps and those small steps will add up to getting you to your desired destination.

God bless and keep training,