How to Get Started Loosing a LOT of Weight…


Question: I need to lose weight. I need to lose a lot of weight and have been walking outside and at the mall some. I really don’t want to join a big gym and wondered if you have any suggestions for getting started.
Answer: Wanting to make a difference is a huge first step. There are several other options for getting weight off that may fit you. If your joints are in good shape, meaning your mobility is not terribly impaired, then you should go to something like Genesis Lifestyle Solutions. here in our area. Alan Stephens has been in your shoes, once weighing over 400 pounds, has an effective program to get people moving again with fun, inspiring classes. Alan has weighed around 180 for the last ten years. His philosophy is holistic in getting your mind, body and spirit reworked. It’s a comfortable atmosphere that’s high-energy and motivating. For more information call 336-264-8491.
If your mobility is impaired, then consider water aerobics which are available both at the YMCA and the Aquatics Centers. The pool will greatly improve your ability to move without the joint pressure associated with some aerobics classes. These classes are motivating and effective for getting weight off as well. If nothing else, get in a pool and walk. The added resistance of waist high water is another excellent way to start. The downside of that is you would be missing the motivation of the instructor and the energy of a class. Training can be exhausting so it’s all about being motivated both while you train and after you are home.
The classes at somewhere like Genesis or with water aerobics programs will provide you with accountability.
That is also true with finding a small gym or training center and hiring a trainer. A trainer can build a training program which changes as you change and should be able to assist you in eliminating foods that are not in your best interest. Small “Mom and Pop” gyms usually offer a less intimidating atmosphere than the “big, box gyms.” Plus they often offer added assistance to get you started. Try one of these options and find what works best for you.
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