Nancy Dailey Testimonial


Daryl Laws… so much to say about someone who has become so important in our lives in so many aspects. The first story begins 4 years ago when our son decided to play on a community football team. We were excited that he had begun to show an interest in athletics. Long story short: ha was on the team but rarely played even when the team was ahead by 30 points. Watching him on the sidelines was heartbreaking and hurtful. We noticed during practice that his running wasn’t what it should be. I began to pray for the “right” person to work with our son. My constant answer was Daryl Laws. I knew in my soul that Daryl was the right person even though I didn’t know him, didn’t know anyone who knew him, and I ignored the suggestions to use other trainers.

Daryl began working with our son in summer of his sixth grade. Daryl inspired, mentored, coached, encouraged, disciplined, befriended, preached and trained our son that summer. When he tried out for the middle school team, he made it! The following summer he trained with Daryl again, made the team and started 1st string.

As he entered high school in the ninth grade he trained with Daryl again with lots of hard work, started the entire year on the Junior Varsity team and moved up to the varsity before the season ended. They went on to win the 2007-2008 3-A State Championship. In his freshman year our son was able to experience the thrill of winning a state football title because of the hard work, determination and work ethic instilled by Daryl.

Again, how do you describe someone like Daryl? I have many stories that relate to Daryl and the influence he’s had in many areas of our lives. Daryl has worked with our entire family and continues to train us. Daryl exhibits genuine care, concern and knowledge in physical areas as well as emotional, mental and spiritual ones. He has made an impact in our lives. I am continually grateful for him and his family. I can’t imagine our lives without him.

Nancy Dailey