Training for Soccer at the Next Level


Question: Our daughter plays soccer and plays it well. She is a junior and would like to play in college. What does she need to do in order to be able to do that? She took weightlifting in school last semester but it didn’t seem to make a difference.

Answer: Standard weightlifting that is offered in school will provide a basic understanding of some of the exercises your daughter will need but usually not much more. There are two local notable exceptions to that. The weightlifting class at Williams due to their new strength and conditioning coach Todd Davis and the weightlifting class at BCA.

Right now, in the middle of her season there isn’t much time outside of games, practice, school and homework for her to attempt to do more. As soon as the season ends she should begin a training routine designed to strengthen the posterior movement chain, the core muscles which will improve her burst speed, change of direction and strength to stay on the ball.

A by-product of this type of training is it strengthens the ACL, helping prevent tears which are more common among female athletes and especially soccer players.

Posterior Movement Chain exercises are those which involve muscles connected to the ankles, knees and hips. Core would be the lower back, abs and glutes.

She will need to do anaerobic conditioning to improve her lactic acid threshold to help her to sustain sprints.

For her to be recruited she will have to work hard and be exceptional. Usually recruiting occurs for high school athletes when they are in the 11th grade. If she hasn’t been approached yet it’s an uphill battle to get an athletic scholarship but one that she is still very capable of achieving with hard work.

God bless and keep training,