The Need for Speed – How to Get Faster!


Question: I really need to increase my speed but I am concerned that weight training will actually make me slower. What is the secret to speed?
Answer: The secret to speed other than being blessed with it at birth is to be blessed with at least a little bit of it. If you have a little of it you can take that a long way with patience and hard work. Weight training is essential to producing speed and being more explosive. Strength alone dies not make you faster but having it and developing more of it is an important piece of the equation. Use your strength to develop power and explosiveness. Develop core strength and work on your hip flexors and hamstrings. The increased power and explosiveness enables you to take a longer stride. Making your hams and hip flexors stronger allows you to drive, not float your feet to the ground to push off for your next step.
You also need flexibility. Flexibility opens your stride to cover more ground. Stretch after your muscles are warm. After leg training is completed in the weight room then make your stretch challenging with a trainer to assist you.
Finally, you have to include plyometrics to train new nerve patterns and reaction ability. You want your nerves to be able to fire muscles faster and faster. Recovery is essential for all this to pay off. Proper nutrition is needed daily to insure that your muscles are fully fueled and can recover from both training and competition. Water, protein, vitamins and minerals are all part of the program. Just the weights alone won’t do it. It’s an integrated program with several essential components which make you improve.
Remember “Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard“.
God bless and keep training,


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