Preparation for College Athletes Should Begin in the Ninth Grade in the Classroom


Student Climbing Books Shows Education
Question: I read your article last week and wanted to know what would be the best course to prepare a high school athlete for the opportunity to become a collegiate athlete?

Answer: Preparation for college should begin in the ninth grade in the classrooms.

Many fine athletes have missed opportunities to be collegiate athletes because their grades weren’t up to the standards needed for entry into universities. Do the best you can on the ACT and the SAT testing as well. Higher grades means you’re not only an athlete but a good student and coaches don’t have to make adjustments to get you into a school.

From a training perspective build a strong core and posterior movement chain. Become explosive in your movements and learn the skills necessary for your sport. Train hard and if you’re not getting the coaching and training you feel you need to excel, then look outside the school.

If you’re good at your sport you will get noticed and you’ll have recruiters contacting your school. If you’re not a superstar yet, but on your way, then you can contact the schools you are interested in attending by looking up contact information on those universities. When you do send information send the basic physical information that is pertinent to your sport. If it’s football you could include height, weight, your best bench press, squat, clean, deadlift and 40 time. Also upload video of you at your best to YouTube and provide a link for the coaches to review. Include your age and what year you’ll graduate.

Almost all the collegiate sports have summer sports camps you could attend to make more personal contact. Football has elite Nike showcase combines that recruiting coaches attend.

Do be proactive by making a plan and following through. It takes hard work in the classroom, weight room and on the field. In the middle of all this work though find time to have fun, be a kid and enjoy your high school experience.

God bless and keep training,