Adding Size After Football Season

Adding Size After Football Season

Adding Size After Football Season

Question: I want to add size now that football is over. My goal is to build ten to fifteen pounds of muscle by August of next year. I have weightlifting at school and wondered if it is going to be too much if I train after school as well because at school we really don’t get intense with so many people in the class.

Answer: Workouts at school can be very productive if you can ignore the typical chaos of the sheer numbers of students in the class and lack of focus that the majority of students display while there. It will be a challenge though.

Adding another workout every day presents it’s own challenges. There is the potential to mentally burnout from the amount of time you spend in the gym.

By training around what you do at school, meaning don’t repeat exercises and staggering time between the body parts you have already hit, it can be done.

Most of the high schools don’t teach proper deadlift form if they do them at all. Include those in your training along with pull-ups, incline dumbbell presses and a solid core routine.

Plan on 40 minutes of intense training after school and get out of the gym. Know what you intend to cover before you arrive at the gym and get it done.

Allow time for stretching after you train as well. It is essential for optimal athletic performance.

Nutrition is vital to fuel growth which includes water, protein and nutritious carbohydrates. Not processed foods.

Sleep is the final ingredient for growth. Go to bed earlier and get deep sleep. Your growth hormones are released during deep sleep and at your age your body produces huge amounts of it if you’re resting properly.

Keep your goal fresh in your mind and make it happen.

God bless and keep training,

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