Burst Workouts – Adding Extra Workouts to Team Workouts


Question: I am training with the football team and as effective as that is, it just doesn’t add the mass I need to handle the contact on the football field. Is there anything I can do to maximize my training in addition to the workouts I do with the team?

Answer: The first concern of adding additional training is the potential for overtraining. If you don’t discipline yourself to insure that you get the rest you need to recover, you’ll find your body wearing out and your energy levels dropping. In addition to sleeping enough, you need to drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods in sufficient quantity to maintain growth.

For your additional workouts we recommend in BodyArmor training that you add four workouts a week to your current schedule. These aren’t full workouts but Burst Workouts. David Janicello, owner of Winner’s Gym, and I were training partners years ago and started doing this when we were unable to get in a full workout. We would do a Blast Workout. It consists of choosing two exercises for a particular body part and hitting them both relentlessly for 20 minutes. The intensity is the key. For you, choose two exercises for chest on day one. On day two choose two for back, preferably one rowing exercise and one for width. Take day three off. Day four is shoulders. The final day is for legs. One of the leg exercises should always affect hamstrings. For your final two days of the week take two days away from extra training. You may be asking where is the additional arm training but your arms, biceps and triceps, get plenty of indirect work from training other body parts. However you may want to slip in forearm work especially if you’re an offensive player and handle the ball frequently. The following week choose two different exercises for each workout. Train those two exercises intensely and watch yourself make serious muscle gains without over training.

God bless and keep training,