Do Not Change Routine Simply for the Sake of Change


Question: I keep reading that variety is important in training. Does that mean you have to use different exercises every time you work a body part?

Answer: Variety certainly is the spice in training. You should use only a little spice to flavor a dish or meal because using too much just makes you taste the spice. Changing routines simply for the sake of change doesn’t always allow you to reap the benefits of making changes to move your physique or game in a specific direction.

We use a balanced system alternating mass exercises and rep schemes with volume exercises and rep schemes. This is done to challenge the muscles in a different manner each training session but designed to continually build muscle. It’s a short term periods action routine.

For our athletes the routines are anything but routine if you are willing to look closely and trust the process. The exercises don’t vary much. Some are always done but the difference occurs with the reps and recovery times. The reps are done in a continual building pattern that begins with movement. Then it’s movement with resistance for reps. That changes to reps for time with unlimited recovery. Then the recovery is timed as well and that even changes. Once those worlds are conquered the resistance changes again.

In contrast to the popular random workout system, the training we do has variety with a goal, purpose and is balanced, not random.

To directly answer your question, no you don’t need to change exercises every workout to provide variety to your workouts. You can change the angle of an exercise, change the width of your stance or foot placement, change your grip on an exercise, change the speed of the reps or just the speed of one of the three parts of a rep. You can use a different range of motion or use chains or bands that vary the resistance of a rep during the rep.

Whatever you choose to employ to spice up your training give it direction and purpose not change for the sake of change.

God bless and keep training,

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