Grow Bigger with Heavy, Deep-Bone Muscle Activation


Body Unlimited Burlington NC

Question: I would like stronger, larger pecs. I usually do a warmup set of ten reps with 60 pound dumbbells. Then I do 70 pounders to failure which is about 15 reps. Between sets I do a set of abs. Next, I use 80’s for 8 to 12 reps which is failure. Finally I use 90’s and do 6-8 reps which is failure. What can I do to move to heavier weights and add some more mass?

Answer: What you are doing is exhausting yourself by going to failure with lighter weights.

Pushing a muscle to failure is a good thing and it sounds like muscle failure should be muscle failure, no matter if it’s a lighter weight or a heavier weight, but it’s not.

With higher rep failure it’s difficult to know if the failure comes from lactic acid overload in the muscle, or, if it’s a nervous system failure from repeated firing of the nerves that command the muscles to contract, or, the muscles fail from low rep overload.

Each scenario has it’s place in muscle hypertrophy but to accomplish larger stronger muscles, heavy bone-deep muscle activation has a more important role.

Change your training sequence for two heavy days of training on your chest days then revert back to a light day as you have been doing.

Begin with a set of 10 reps to warm up and activate your nervous system. Go to 70 pound dumbbells but only 5-6 reps. Go ahead and do a set of 5 reps with 90 pound dumbbells. Do a set of 4-6 reps with 100’s. Finish with another set to failure with the 100’s and immediately decrease the weight by 25%- 30%( 70-75 pound dumbbells) and push to failure. This way you push the muscles to failure on the back end after you have challenged your muscles with maximum weight instead of failure with lighter weights.

You should see and feel some change with this more challenging sequence.

God bless and keep training,