Using Rollover Training for Limited Workout Schedule


Question: I am trying to get bigger but can only workout 3 days a week due to my work and family schedule. I am 37 years old and would appreciate your help in creating a 3-day workout routine.
Answer: Typically we set up a 2 day split with a rollover from week to week. For the first two weeks you will use heavier weights and a lower rep range , from 6 to 10 reps on your heaviest sets which we call density training. During the third week you will use a higher rep range to build a volume effect in the muscles by engorging them with a massive blood flow. This has a positive effect on recovery and challenges your cardio-vascular system.
Day one do chest, back and shoulders together. It’s a good idea to superset or at least alternate chest and back exercises. It saves a huge amount of time for you in the gym and produces a great pump between the two muscle groups. Pull-ups are a good start so include them on every other back workout.The other days you can start with pulldowns. Starting your workout with back exercises is a good way to warm up your shoulders before loading them with chest exercises. If you are training alone, use dumbbells as the base for your pressing movements. It’s much safer and easier on your shoulders than using the standard barbell bench press. For your back training, every other workout you need to include deadlifts for 3 to 4 sets of 4 to 6 reps per set. This exercise is one of those exercises that just makes you stronger in everything. After doing 4 exercises each for both chest and back your shoulders should be warm so you can jump right into laterals followed by shoulder presses. A point to remember for shoulders is to always include and even start with a rear deltoid exercise every other workout. Making the posterior muscles of the shoulder stronger makes your chest work more stable and protects your shoulders from the stresses chest exercises place on them. Do 4 exercises for shoulder as well. You need to do 2 exercises for abs to finish. This is the first and third workout for week one. During week two you will only do this sequence one time and train legs and arms twice the second week.
For day two you will train legs, biceps and triceps. You need to start with hamstring exercises. They are too often neglected and are very important in stabilizing the knees. Alternate them with calf exercises. These warm up your calves and your Achilles tendons which make squatting easier. Squats and leg presses are necessary for growth so include them in your routines. Lunges are a productive exercise to use as well. Alternate biceps and triceps exercises after legs are done using three exercises for each.
This rollover training helps to keep the training fresh and challenging and should work well with your limited workout schedule.
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