Rocket Fuel Workout


Question: I was talking with a guy who was finishing his degree in exercise science and he said the best way to burn fat was to exercise in the fat-burning zone which is at 60% to 65% of your maximum heart rate. How long should I do this?
Answer: That’s an interesting question because on the surface he is correct. The best way to burn fat is to increase your heart rate to between 60 and 65% of your maximum. You can get a ballpark number for that by using the formula, 220 – (your age) = MHR. Multiply your MHR by 65% and you get a good idea for what your heart rate needs to be for your fat burning zone.
In this zone your body is burning fat as your primary fuel not stored carbohydrates which is glycogen. The down side is that you will need to maintain this zone for a long period each day, about 90 minutes and couple this with a 1200 calories a day diet to see substantial weight loss over time. Most people just don’t have the time to do that, weight train, take the kids to school, work and still have time to sleep.
A better, more time effective, more challenging way is to use high intensity workouts and cardio to burn huge amounts of calories while you train and to excite your metabolism above normal for hours after you have completed training. The intensity level of the 60% training just does not make a large difference for long after the workout is done. If you get on a treadmill and walk or jog at a slight incline for 30 minutes you may burn 250 to 300 calories. That’s nothing if you are trying to lose weight. What you want is a workout that will double or triple the amount of calories you burn for 6 to 12 hours after you finish your workout. That takes intensity. If you are not willing to be uncomfortable while you train and push yourself to be more and do more then stop reading now.
For the rest of you, the warm weather is coming and you want to be ready for it by being in the best shape of your life. Put on your headphones, play some funky music and go to work. You won’t like the feeling at first but the confidence and the energy boost you get from putting it all out there in a workout will more than make up for it.
This is the Rocket Fuel Workout we will use at Body Unlimited this week and you can see examples of the exercises in the video below:

  • 50 bicycle crunches,
  • 10 ACC pull-ups,
  • 10 jumping jack push-ups,
  • 10 dead rows,
  • 20 split jumps.

Do this cycle for 20 to 30 minutes completing as many rounds as you can during this time. You can take breaks as needed but complete each exercise with good form and the required number of reps before moving on to the next exercise.
Not only will this give you a heart-thumping, calorie-crunching workout but your metabolism will continue to be excited for hours after it is over. Just eat clean, drink water and get a good night’s sleep after your workouts and by spring break you will be ready for the beach.

God bless and keep training,