Cardio Alternatives to Running


Question: I’ve been training hard and have been successful so far in dropping several pounds in the last five weeks but my hang up is cardio. I just don’t enjoy long runs which for me is two to four miles. I do run well for my age and finish two miles in less than 20 minutes and get in four in under 40 minutes. Are there any other ways to get in cardio without always doing long runs?

Answer: Sure there are other ways to build a good calorie burn without long runs. Since you provided your training times we can use those as parameters for other methods.

If you live near a school, or other publicly accessible land, that has a sharp incline, about fifty-five feet from the base to the top. You will sprint up that hill 50 times.

Here’s how to break it down and finish within 20 to 25 minutes.

  • Sprint up and walk briskly back down. Do a set of ten and rest 2 minutes.
  • Then, do a set of 15 and rest 2 minutes.
  • Repeat another set of 15 and rest 2 minutes.
  • Finally finish with a set of 10.

Mentally break it down further. In your head do sets of five so your 10 is two sets of five and so on. As for distance this one is about a half mile of uphill sprints.

Another sprint routine involves a football or soccer field. You can even take off your shoes for this one because soft surface barefoot running is good for building the muscles and tendons in your feet.

  • Start at one corner of the end one and sprint diagonally across the field to the other corner.
  • Walk the fifty yards to the opposite corner and sprint diagonally across the field to corner opposite your original starting point. These are X runs.
  • You will run 10 sprints.
  • Again this should take you about 20 to 25 minutes.

Using these two workouts should help prevent too much boredom from setting into your training. They should help to decrease your long run times as well.

God bless and keep training,