Should I use Steroids and Diuretics?


 Question: I am considering entering a Bikini or Figure competition and have been training with a trainer for a couple of months. I have begun to have a couple of concerns about some of the things that he recommends that I do for the show. He has recommended that I take what he calls legal steroids that would help in reducing body fat and for the show itself he recommends that I use diuretics to reduce the water in my skin. I would like to know more. Can you explain either of these?

 Answer: That is a deep, dark question that explores the underbelly of physique sports and the pursuit of perfection at any cost. One would not think that bikini or figure competitors would need either of those because on the surface the competition seems so simple. Exercise, build a little toned muscle and diet the fat away. That is how it all started.

Competitors discovered that the steroids, both legal and the controlled substances, actually do work and when used in a moderate, controlled fashion can have modest side effects. Consider Alex Rodriguez’s situation. The problem is that only 1% of those who do use them, use them with such caution.

The over the counter version of the steroids usually have stronger side effects that are very undesirable for women than those drugs that are listed as controlled substances. Women typically use drugs that have a higher anabolic, muscle building effect, and low androgenic, male side effects, and these are usually not the legal type. Steroids of this type are considered a Class 4 controlled substances and carry the same penalty for possession as heroin does. It’s in the same class. Diuretics are usually Class 2 and carry a lighter penalty.

If this is to be your first competition, why don’t you see what you can actually do without PED’s before you dive into them. You don’t know what you’re capable of doing until you make the choice to go all out without artificial help. Learn how training and dieting affect your body first.

As for diuretics, they pull water out of your body at an alarming rate and have been responsible for deaths from improper use. They are a large risk without proper supervision and you should ask yourself if you really want to trust some guy who trains figure competitors with your life? Fitness should be a healthy pursuit first. If you are fortunate to make it past the local level and regional level to a national level, perhaps you can be the one who leads the way to show the establishment that it can be done successfully without drug use. You’ll never know unless you can make the hard choices. Those drugs are a dangerous shortcut, that’s all.

God bless and keep training,