Zombieland – Rule #1 is Cardio!


Zombie Workout

Zombieland” who would have thought a horror/comedy would have poignant fitness information?

In the opening sequence “Columbus” is explaining his rules for survival and Rule#1 is Cardio. It seems like such a simple thing but as he explains after the epidemic “The fatties were the first to go.” In any apocalyptic event the rules revert back to ” the strongest shall survive“.

Our society is dependent on conveniences of life, and if those are removed as they were recently for a few days during the ice storms we had, we see how out of sorts people can become very quickly.

We all want to be in shape but few realize the necessity it becomes once we lose the equalizers of modern society. Cars don’t go without gas. Houses don’t operate well without electricity. A lot of people can’t continue to live without medication.

There are a lot of young people who wouldn’t be on meds if they were eating healthier and training. It’s disheartening though when the gyms provide pizza, donuts and bagels. The same facility discourages people from using their center by labeling people who do train hard, who are in shape and who strive to be better as “Lunks“.  How are people supposed to be inspired when mediocrity is applauded as excellence?

God Bless and Keep Trainin…