Country Crossfit!


Question: I live out in the country about 25 miles from town and really can’t get to the gym on a regular basis. I work on the family farm and have a wide variety of things to works with which are heavy so is there a routine that I could do using common implements we may have here?
Answer: Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! Getting “country strong.” If you want it badly enough you will find a way to reach that goal and you seem to want it badly enough.
There are plenty of things we can use for your farm-style workouts but all you need for a really challenging routine are three items:

  1. a large tractor tire off of it’s rim,
  2. A 10 pound sledge hammer and,
  3. 1 log 30 inches long and round enough that you can just get your arms around to pick up. It’s time for “Country Crossfit.”

Obviously you have an area on which you can flip tires.

  1. You begin with 10 tire flips, Grasp the bottom ridge of the tractor tire as it lays on the ground, drop your hips and drive upward so quickly that you can switch your hands from an under position to a push position. As the tire rises then push it forward, step, drive and repeat ten times. If you don’t drop your hips as you lift, you will tire (pun intended!) out your lower back very quickly. Trainer’s tip: treat this as three exercises: deadlifts, cleans and push press.
  2. After your tire flips, place your feet on the tire, hands on the ground and knock out 10 elevated pushups.
  3. Now it’s time for the log. Go back to your start position and pick up your log and carry it to the tire. When you are about 5 feet from the tire, stop and throw the log to the center of the tire.
  4. Step inside the tire, pick up the log and throw it out.
  5. Pick it up a third time and throw it back in then out again.
  6. Go back to where you started flipping the tire. Get your sledge hammer, hold it at arms length over head and lunge to the tire with the head hammer head facing your right side. When you get to the tire, hammer the tire with the sledge ten times.
  7. That’s the first of the series.

You will do four series like this with the only difference being you will hold the hammer with the head on your left side on the second and fourth series.
God bless and keep training,